Paint since 1978

Image by dogwelder via Flickr

I was in a Home Depot watching them mix different paint colors into a base white paint to form a near infinite amount of paint colors. I thought of this as a great example of how epigenetics works. The basic white is our gene pool. It is what we are born with and the basis of our genetic information. The environment causes the basic white to change like paint colors. Both the type of influence (color) and the amount of the influence are critical to what changes actually happen genetically. Unlike our paint example our genes can reset the epigenetic triggers and change the color dynamically. It is like a continuous flow of white paint being changed by adding different amounts of different colors. The paint flows in different colors and shades. Each color is doing something different to our genes. In this scenario, one shade would indicate cancer, another heart disease, etc. Our overall health and wellbeing would be a certain color and shade.