English: Nutrigenomics: bring disease, cancer,...

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We know pesticides and chemicals can do bad things to us and cause diseases but our environment influences us in subtle ways. This influence on our DNA functionality is called epigenetics. Our DNA is NOT modified in any way but is either turned ON or OFF like a light switch. Some DNA genes are not meant to be turned ON or OFF especially in conjunction with other genes. This err in how our genes are expressed can lead to most known diseases. This would seem to imply that we can prevent these diseases by not allowing the bad influences. This is TRUE! Nutrigenomics is looking at diet as a source of nutrients that trigger wrong genetic reactions. We know stress can do this as well. How we think can as well. If we all ate properly like our ancestors, had little or no stress, exercised and thought positive, we would have little or no diseases. What would all the hospitals and doctors do then? How would our government spend the extra billions in healthcare dollars they would have? These are good questions to contemplate.