We have become a drug nation. Pills will cure-all if you believe the commercials. Some of us need some pills to fight an infection or a disease but many pills are unnecessary. Many people end up taking pills to offset effects of other pills. Have you ever counted the number of drugstores in your neighborhood? They are fast becoming the most common type of store. While you are at it, count the number of hospitals, medical centers or doctor offices. Is there any doubt we are becoming a very sick nation.

I am not against all drugs or suggesting you stop any medication without a doctors help. I do believe we are inventing medicines for everything that goes wrong. Take a pill and be happy. The problem is America is taking millions of pills and are getting more and more sick and are not very happy. We have not cured a disease since Polio. Why? Cures cause the cash flow to drug companies to stop. Imagine if we cured AIDS or Cancer. The drug companies would lose billions.

Be your own investigator. Research and discover alternate ways to stay healthy. You can cure yourself.


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