We often think of cancer as being caused by cancer genes but our bodies also have tumor suppressor genes that keep normal cells non cancerous. If these genes get silenced (epigenetically turned OFF), they can allow a normal cell to turn cancerous says a recent study. Our bodies have phenomenal fighting abilities but these capabilities can be silenced by factors in our environment. Although we can’t yet tell exactly which environmental effects cause which epigenetic changes, we do know what is generally good and bad for us. Take the following epigenetic test:
a. Do you smoking (bad)
b. Do you eat a variety of plant-based foods (good)
c. Do you eating too much meat (bad)
d. Are you in a constant state of stress (bad)
e. Do you think negatively (bad)
f. Do you think positively (good)
g. Do you exercise (good)
h. Are you being exposed to toxins (bad)
i. Do you eating too much preprocessed foods (bad)
j. Do you already have a disease? (bad)
How many of the above good & bad things do you do? Although no one can predict your future health, we can say that a large group of people who exhibit these traits will have a certain percent chance of chronic illness. [Add 10 points for each item above you do that is bad and subtract 10 points for each item you do that is good. Add up your points. Negative scores are set to zero. A score of 50 says you have a 50% chance of chronic illness. A score of 10 says 10% chance and a score of 90 says 90 percent chance.] If you are vegan, don’t smoke, don’t eat preprocessed foods, etc you have a nil chance of chronic illness. What’s your score? What are your loved ones score? Can you live with those scores? If not do something about it! See my book for suggestions.