More on Brain’s Need to Overeat!

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What scientists call "Overweight" ch...

What scientists call “Overweight” changes with our knowledge of human health (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yesterday we spoke about how our brains get accustomed to overeating and want more. Today we visit a BLOG that talks about a key shift in the brain that causes overeating. It states:


A team of American and Italian neuroscientists has identified a cellular change in the brain that accompanies obesity. The findings could explain the body’s tendency to maintain undesirable weight levels, rather than an ideal weight, and identify possible targets for pharmacological efforts to address obesity.


I wish they would look for natural ways to overcome this and not just pharmacological means. We train our brains by how we think, what we eat, stress and what we believe. The brain then tries to give us what we want. This unfortunately is not always what is best for us.




Are Health is not Deterministic!

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DNA (Photo credit: Steven2005)

Scientists used to think we were predetermined by our genes. They now know this is not true. We really do have free will. Our genes are changed by epigenetics. These changes happen because of our diet, the way we think (positive or negative), how we believe, and stress. Beyond the mainstream wrote an article on “You Really Can Change Your DNA – Here’s How”. This article shows how negative thinking starves us of what they call “quantum nutrients”. We really are what we make ourselves. Every day and every night, you reprogram yourself. The person you are today is the net result of your lifetime of programming. If you are not happy with yourself, if you are sick, if you are over weight just reprogram yourself to what you want to be. It can be done and millions of people do it. We hear stories of people dieting. Doctors can’t do anything about it. Then suddenly they are completely cured. This can happen if you eat properly, have only positive thoughts, believe it can happen and lower your lifetime stress levels.

Kids eating Health Continued …

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English: Healthy Food For Life logo

English: Healthy Food For Life logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the Yuma Sun, “Thanks to a successful pilot year of the POWer PLAY’te program, children at 19  Yuma elementary schools are increasing their healthy food intake.”

Read more: http://www.yumasun.com/articles/healthy-89476-play-food.html#ixzz2e7OvknaJ

What we feed our kids will make them what they are as adults. We can make them healthy or sick, thin or fat, smart or not so. Food is a powerful fuel. It affects every cell in our body and their are more than 10 trillion of them. Our addictions for fast food, sweets, salt, etc. usually start in childhood. Wouldn’t it be great for them to have an addiction for fruits and vegetables?

What is Epigenetics?

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Epigenetics (Photo credit: AJC1)

We talk about epigenetics on this site a lot but what is it? It’s a programming language within our cells that control our genes and DNA. It switches genes ON or OFF causing things to happen at the cellular level. Like a computer where the software turns instructions ON that form the various programs ewe run, epigenetics is the software and genes are the hardware.

Epigenetics are a chemical reaction that can enable or activate a gene or block it from being activated. These chemicals are methyl groups which comes from the environment we live in. It can be the food we eat, how we think (positive or negative), what we believe (placebo/nocebo), stress and exercise. Our body uses these chemical reactions to activate and deactivate genes or to send messages from one cell to another to do something.

There are no good/bad associated with these reactions but they can [positively or negatively affect our health and mental outlook. Early man & woman didn’t have the choices we have today. They were nomadic (got exercise), thought positive (were seekers and explorers), had low stress (except when chased by a saber-toothed tiger) and ate nutritious foods. They ate organic (it was all there was). They didn’t eat much meat (they probably got eaten more than they ate other animals). Their bodies evolved around this kind of simple life.

We have changed all this in the last 100 years. We don’t exercise, we are over stressed all the time, we eat junk food, and we all believe we will grow old and sick. And then we are shocked when it actually happens. Take control of your life and be well.

It’s Summer, Time to Start a New Health Trend!

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Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress.

Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Start today! Change your diet, stress levels, exercise, thinking and beliefs. Start eating better. Eat less animal protein (eggs, milk, meat, cheese, etc.) eat more vegetables, grains and fruits. Eat organic (yes it costs a little more but if your healthy you won’t be paying the doctor co-pays). Relax more, learn to meditate and get rid of some stress. Our way of life is stressful but you can relax and rid yourself of stress. Exercise more (even if it’s just walks around your office or home). Simple walking will lower stress and make you feel better. Start off today being positive about everything! Don’t allow yourself to go to the negative side (it’s evil). If you feel negative look for something positive and dwell on that. e all have a lot to be thankful for. Think about those things and not what is negative in our lives. If TV news and the newspapers are making you feel negative (most news is negative … it sells) stop watching or reading it. Read something positive. Hang out with positive people and avoid negative ones. Soon you will be much more positive and feel better. Believe in yourself and the fact that you can change your life and your health. Getting old is not something to fear. Getting sick is!

A Time to Rethink Our Lives

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A Marine of the United States Marine Corps run...

A Marine of the United States Marine Corps runs through a creek. Original caption: “Lance Cpl. Anthony M. Madonia emerges from the water during the swimming portion of the triathlon. Marines and Sailors of Marine Security Company and the Naval Support Facility in Thurmont, Md., participated in the Catoctin Mountain Triathlon, July 20.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have been talking about the epigenetic influences that affect our health:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Positive Thinking
  4. Belief
  5. Stress

We Americans seem to break all the rules. We eat junk (non nutritious food), smoke, don’t exercise, think negative, believe we will all get sick as we get older and live highly stressed lives.  I was recently in Italy and they think and live so different from us. They eat more nutritious than we do, they do smoke more than us, they exercise as part of the cities they live in (many hills and steps), they are positive thinkers, they believe they are healthy and happy, and they lower their stress by living fun lives.

We have to learn to eat mbetter, exercise better, think and believe better and lower our stress more. This will keep us younger, happier and in love with life.

Lets Weigh The Benefits of Good Health

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Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

We talk about epigenetics and good health a lot on this BLOG. Health is made up of nutritional eating, exercise, positive thinking, belief that you are healthy and lowered stress. All of these effects cause our bodies epigenetics to turn genes ON or OFF. This combination can lead to great health or death. Here are some of the benefits of staying healthy:

  1. Good complexion
  2. Lowered body mass
  3. Happiness
  4. Ability to travel and get around easier
  5. Longer longevity
  6. Good sex
  7. Fewer trips to the doctors or hospitals
  8. Lack of needing any drugs
  9. Ability to enjoy your family more

There are many more benefits but these lead to being happy and loving life. You can decide to stop being unhealthy and STOP pouring your money into drug companies.

Health is a Right


Disease Epidemics

Disease Epidemics (Photo credit: Travis S.)

I remember reading a saying, “Life is not about the number of breaths we take but by the number of moments that take our breath away.” In health this can be stated as, “Health is not measured in the diseases we beat but by the number we avoid altogether.” We are trained by our healthcare to believe we will all get sick because we are living longer. Nothing can be farther from the truth! We can avoid diseases but it takes knowledge and hard work. The result is a life of health. It’s your choice, choose wisely.

Healthy can be obtained by:

  1. Diet
  2. Lowered stress
  3. Exercise
  4. Positive thinking
  5. Belief that you can be healthy

Your Thoughts can Become Reality

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Our thoughts often cause reality to happen. People that tend to be negative attract other negative people and they tend to only see negative things. Positive people attract positive people and see the positive side. The Beyond Physical BLOG deals with this. Make a point to change your thoughts to positive ones. Among other things negative thought can cause stress. Stress can cause all types of illness. Remember a basic law: If you can master your thoughts, you can change your reality!

Sickness is America’s most Profitable Business!

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'In Sickness and Health' Oil on canvas

‘In Sickness and Health’ Oil on canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sickness business is booming. Gross revenues look like annual budgets of medium size countries. Profits are up. Just stop and think about the drug companies. Their products have horrible side effects yet they still spend millions to advertise them. Why? because if people die, it doesn’t matter. There are always new kids growing up to buy the drugs. Hospitals are cropping up everywhere. Medical centers are like McDonald’s on each street corner. Our health care system is costing way too much and it will break at some point.

It is sad when we look at the research I have BLOGged about and understand that health can be improved cheaply and safely by changing our diet, exercising, meditating and thinking positive. You will never see anyone advertise this on national TV. Why? because there is no money in being healthy only in being sick. Imagine a large percentage of our great country suddenly got healthy. The trillion-dollar medical & drug system would lose all that. Do you really think they want that to happen?

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