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Time Magazine, December 5, 2011 on page 55 writes about “The two Faces of href=”” rel=”everydayhealth”>Anxiety”. It is a bodily system that can paralyze you or help you move faster. The article says it’s a signal of either an internal or external threat. The problem is a little stress was designed to help us do the unbelievable in times of need but too much stress can nip away at our DNA shorting the lifespan of our cells and constricting our blood vessels causing high blood pressure. Stress has been linked to heart attacks, strokes, immune disorders, obesity, infertility and more. The hormones that are associated with stress can drive us to increased performance but too much will cause exhaustion.
Although the article doesn’t mention epigenetics it does refer to it. Our genes, it says, can be turned on/off in different amounts depending on our stress levels and even our parent’s levels. We learn to be stressful. We can re-train our minds to be less stressful thus reducing the hormones. Finally the article says, “Anxiety is neither helpful nor hurtful. It’s your response to anxiety that is either helpful or hurtful.”