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The Sci-Show has a fun and informative video on epigenetics. It basically talks about the two forms of methylation (turns genes off) and how genetics and epigenetics get passed between generations. Epigenetics is controlled by methyl groups and histones. Methyl groups bind to genes and turn them off like a light switch. Histones cause the DNA strands to bind tightly around spools or loosely. Tightly bound turns off several or many genes. This is similar to a knob. In this fun video a guy clones himself (identical person and meets back up 50 years later. Although their DNA is still the same, their epigenetics is very different. One may be sick and have cancer while the other is healthy. One may be taller, have better skin, etc. Epigenetics is the software and our genes are the hardware but our environment is the data that controls the software. Enjoy!