sensesWe are inseparable from our environment. It is like being on a virtual reality video game. You are in and part of the game. We are connected to this world through our 5 senses. They give us a sense of what this world is all about. Our genes interact with these inputs via epigenetics. Our environment causes changes in our epigenetics which in turn cause different genes to be activated or shut down. Everything we know is through our 5 senses. Without them we would have no knowledge of this world.

I was thinking the other day of a small charge electric wire people use to keep a dog within the yard. The dog senses the electric field and backs away. It learns not to go to the edges of the yard. We learn and our health and well-being are influenced by our senses. We become happy or sad, healthy or sick, mentally healthy or mentally ill all from how our epigenetics interact with our environment. We have all heard the phrase “You are what you eat”. We really are what we eat, think and believe. Decide today to change your diet, change your attitude and believe in yourself. Give your epigenetics a fighting chance and they will help make you healthy and happy.