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Do we have the power to correct damages done by illnesses? We know the body can grow new arteries and bypass clogged ones. Can we correct any damage? Most scientists would say no! If we lose an arm or leg it won’t grow back. At least we have never experienced that happening. Our genes had the power to create us from one cell. They built our arms and legs once. It was probably an epigenetic trigger that caused our genes to start growing arms and legs. Why couldn’t that be re-triggered? There are really bad things that can be triggered by epigenetics as well. Imagine a heart cell growing a finger nail. Cuticle cells can. Each cell has the same genes. The difference between a heart cell and a cuticle cell is epigenetic triggers. If we somehow triggered the correct genes in a heart cell, it would start to grow nails. Epigenetics is programming and as such is dangerous to the uneducated. Until we fully understand the epigenetic programming language, we will only be stabbing in the dark. Our bodies have the power to do anything to survive. We have genes, epigenetics and neural nets that make us human. We are only messengers on a journey into the future. What is important is the end result not the individual messengers. Our job as humans is a step in the cog of life. Where it takes us and what we will become in the distant future is anyone’s guess but the potentials are all programmed in our genes and epigenes.