Even our kids are getting fatter at a faster rate. What’s going on? USA Today ran an article today about kids meals at popular restaurants. The results were:

Applebee’s 1,210 calories

Chilli’s 1,010 calories

Denny’s 980 calories

Ruby Tuesday’s 860 calories, and

Dairy Queen 1,030 calories


This is one meal! three meals later plus sodas and snacks and the kid is eating several times the calories of an adult male. And why are we getting fat? Parents take control you are in charge. Don’t buy meals out. They are expensive and making your kids obese. Cook something healthy, non sweet and non salted. Include raw fruits and nuts (un salted). Your child

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will lose weight, feel better and enjoy themselves and life more. Being fat also increase stress on the child. Remember my epigenetic triggers? Diet, Thinking, exercise and stress. Eating these meals will cause each of these to cause health issues with your child. Obesity is are enemy.