Top of the Food Chain

Top of the Food Chain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Humans are at top of the food chain. It has given us an advantage over all other animals. Does eating other things high up on the food chain matter? Is it good or bad for our health. Man has evolved with plant life for millions of years. Plants provided nutrients, a good diet and antioxidants to fight of diseases. Our modern medicine came from herbal mixtures (plants) that benefited our health. Today the drug companies synthesis the beneficial parts of certain plants into pills. Meat that we eat comes from other animals up on the food chain (similar DNA). We know animal protein carries substances that cause inflammation in the human body. This can lead to heart disease and cancer. Plants are low on the chain (very different DNA). Eating plant protein is very beneficial to our health.

Man was mostly a vegetarian getting some meat when he already found it dead. We were more likely to be eaten by other animals than to eat them. We were nomadic (exercise) and ate berries, root vegetables and fruits we found along the way. Our bodies defenses and health evolved from this kind of food. Modern man eats very little plant based protein and an enormous amount of animal protein along with saturated fats, sugar and salt. He gets little or no exercise. Is it any wonder we have record-breaking numbers of sick and dying? Change back to our more natural way of living and gain your health back.