The National Organic Program administers the O...

The National Organic Program administers the Organic Seal to products that meet the requirements. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You betcha! Although research is resulting in a mixed bag of conclusions, it seems obvious that our bodies can take a certain amount of toxins and handle them. We now live in a society where the amount of toxins has increased exponentially. These toxins can get stored in our cells and cause damage. Why should we eat non organic when we have a choice? I have had people say to me they don’t taste as good, which is ridiculous. I tell them to take the organic food and sprinkle Scotts fertilizer on them and you have non organic. But seriously, organic is not some weird thing a group of people are doing. It is a choice to eat better grown foods the way they were grown in our past. The other thing I hear a lot is it costs too much! My answer to that is you can pay now and remain healthy or pay later in medical co-payments. It’s your choice. How do you choose? Tell me your thoughts on this topic.