More on Why we Sleep

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brains! (Photo credit: cloois)

The study we spoke about yesterday suggests our brain cells reduce in size as we sleep. This allows brain fluids to flush away toxins from the brain. If our brains didn’t do this, we would be at risk of serious brain disease and death from the toxins. Our body is truly amazing in its ability to deal with its environment and develop controls to find what it needs to survive and avoid what is dangerous. We think opt the human brain as amazing but I think epigenetics or the programming of our DNA is amazing. Think of the intelligence built into it. It made each of us, it distinguishes between the various cell types in our body. It formed our brains so we could think. If we take a global view from 10,000 feet we see that our bodies and its epigenetics & DNA are a very sophisticated machine for interfacing with the environment. To what purpose? The purpose is to preserve and pass on our DNA & Epigenetics. These are forever changing from the earliest forms of life up to humans.


Plants are Our Best Friends

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Worth Their Weight in Gold

Worth Their Weight in Gold (Photo credit: garlandcannon (on hiatus))

Dr. Greger is back with a video on the positive effects of plants (Phytonutrients) on toxic chemicals we ingest. The study shows that plant may have a dual role in protecting us from toxins: 1) they have far less toxins in them than do animal based products and 2) they may protect us from some toxins we get from animal based products. Mom was right, “Eat your veggies!”

Is Organic Worth the Price?


The National Organic Program administers the O...

The National Organic Program administers the Organic Seal to products that meet the requirements. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You betcha! Although research is resulting in a mixed bag of conclusions, it seems obvious that our bodies can take a certain amount of toxins and handle them. We now live in a society where the amount of toxins has increased exponentially. These toxins can get stored in our cells and cause damage. Why should we eat non organic when we have a choice? I have had people say to me they don’t taste as good, which is ridiculous. I tell them to take the organic food and sprinkle Scotts fertilizer on them and you have non organic. But seriously, organic is not some weird thing a group of people are doing. It is a choice to eat better grown foods the way they were grown in our past. The other thing I hear a lot is it costs too much! My answer to that is you can pay now and remain healthy or pay later in medical co-payments. It’s your choice. How do you choose? Tell me your thoughts on this topic.

Do You Want To Stink?

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Drops of sweat

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Body odor is embarrassing and often can be controlled says NaturalNews.com Odors come from a buildup of toxins in our body. We perspire to cool our body but also to eliminate toxins. Daily use of deodorant causes our sweat glands to be block and toxins to build up internally. This can cause disease as well as odor when it is finally expelled. Vegetarians often find that they don’t need deodorant after giving up meat. This article says meat is the number 1 cause of odor. They also say “plant-based diet is an internal deodorizer. The chlorophyll and other phytonutrients will cleanse you from the inside out. “So when someone tells you that you stink … you can reply “of course I do I am a carnivore”. For those of you that don’t want to stink, cut back on the amount of animal products you consume. Your significant other will thank you.

We are One with Our Environment

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Mount Van Cott, Home of the University of Utah...

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Learn.Genetics at the University of Utah says each of our cells communicate with each other and change their processing based on signals they receive from the environment. These signals come in the form of diet, stress, behavior, and toxins. Yesterdays BLOG discussed how stress can cause our cells to focus on the stress even at the cost of our immune system. The environment is yelling at us and it causes us to change in response to it. How are you changing? What kind of memory are your cells storing? There can be no doubt now that these influences cause us to be healthy and happy or sick and depressed. Just like children turn out to be what their parents taught them, our cells turn out to be what the environment has taught them. Rules to live by: 1) Avoid toxins, 2) Lower stress levels, 3) Eat healthy foods, and 4) think positive and believe in yourself. These four rules will keep you healthy, strong and happy.