7 Good Reasons to go Organic!

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The National Organic Program administers the O...

The National Organic Program administers the Organic Seal to products that meet the requirements. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article lists the reasons organic is good for you. We speak a lot about organic and plant-based foods in this BLOG. They are important to normal health. Sure you know a ninety year old that doesn’t eat organic and only eats meat and potatoes. The truth is if we put 100 of these people in a study most would develop health issues and some serious ones like cancer or heart disease. Just like smoking, we all know someone or heard of someone that smoked to their 90’s but the simple fact is smoking causes cancer.


Is Natural always Good for us?

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The hazard symbol for toxic/highly toxic subst...

The hazard symbol for toxic/highly toxic substances according to directive 67/548/EWG by the European Chemicals Bureau. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Edible non poisonous natural foods are always much better than processed man-made foods. There still are poisonous natural foods out there and some are closer than you think. The seeds in an apple are very toxic and if enough where ingested can be fatal (amygdalin, a cyanogenic glycoside). Tomato leaves and stems are toxic as well (solanine). Potatoes also contain a toxic (glycoalkaloids). There are many others as well. Good edible organic food will help you live a healthy life.

As I always say it is not about dying. We could be in an accident and die even though we are very healthy. But being healthy leads to an independent good life in later years. No one wants to be house bound or not able to control kidney or bowl functions. It makes us feel in human. Health is the answer and its right in front of us … the plant kingdom.

We are becoming an infected species. Drugs are not the answer. They cure NOTHING! They only affect symptoms and make us dependent for life while people get rich on their sales. Genetic modification of crops is NOT the answer. We really don’t understand all the ramifications of modified foods on our epigenetics. This can be very dangerous. What is the answer? Eating crops that are natural, edible by mankind, organic and grown the way they use to be. Nature has been at this a lot longer than man. It knows what is healthy for us and it makes no money off of it!

Is Organic Really Better for you and your Family?

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Organic Foods

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You better believe it is! My sister Kathy sent me an article on eating organics from the American Academy of Pediatrics. It says eating organic can reduce risk of many diseases. Starting children on organics early can prevent a buildup of toxins in their bodies and help them live a health life. The question really is do you believe food created naturally by God/nature is better for you than food created by man? If you do, why are you still buying so many cans, bottles, jars, boxes and frozen bags of food? People say to me they don’t like organic foods. I tell them just sprinkle some lawn fertilizer on it and you have what is sold in most supermarkets.


Is Organic Worth the Price?


The National Organic Program administers the O...

The National Organic Program administers the Organic Seal to products that meet the requirements. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You betcha! Although research is resulting in a mixed bag of conclusions, it seems obvious that our bodies can take a certain amount of toxins and handle them. We now live in a society where the amount of toxins has increased exponentially. These toxins can get stored in our cells and cause damage. Why should we eat non organic when we have a choice? I have had people say to me they don’t taste as good, which is ridiculous. I tell them to take the organic food and sprinkle Scotts fertilizer on them and you have non organic. But seriously, organic is not some weird thing a group of people are doing. It is a choice to eat better grown foods the way they were grown in our past. The other thing I hear a lot is it costs too much! My answer to that is you can pay now and remain healthy or pay later in medical co-payments. It’s your choice. How do you choose? Tell me your thoughts on this topic.