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According to Living Well Magazine October 2011 you can. The article shows a study that was done that showed “consumption of fruits & vegetables provides you with a significant protection against cancer at multiple sites in the body.” It also found:

a. Vegetarians have a 40% better chance of being cancer free than meat eaters

i. Meat lacks fiber of plant-based foods

ii. Meat lacks nutrients necessary for good health

iii. Meats have saturated fats

b. Vegans have a 57% lower incident rate of coronary heart disease compared to meat eaters

c. Vegetarians that consume some animal fat have only a 24% decrease

During a two-week study, volunteers were asked to change their eating habits to a vegetarian diet. The group observed the following in their blood tests after just two weeks:

a. 25 % less cholesterol

b. 33% less LDL cholesterol

c. 20% fewer triglycerides

The article goes on to say more restaurants are catering to vegetarian diets. More resources can be found at “The Vegetarian Resource Group”.