Bacon Confusion

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♥ Bacon ♥

♥ Bacon ♥ (Photo credit: lynn.gardner)

There have been articles online about how Bacon might be good for you. Really! If you believe that I have a few eBay items to sell you. Come on, there might be a substance that has a positive affect on a ring worms life. It might even be true when they do the tests on a mouse and finally humans but there are many more bad things like cholesterol and saturated fat. If someone did a study and found arsenic has life extending substance would you take it? No of course not because it also has other substances that will kill you!

You must be very careful when you view articles and ads these days. They are geared to sell you something and to change any negative attitude you might have on that item. Look at the drug industry and how it is legal to be a billionaire on many people suffering. Yes some drugs we need but the drugs being sold today do more harm than good. Be a smart reader … look closely and ask a very simple question: “Who benefits from this ad or article?”

Many people I know have said to me, “I love bacon and I couldn’t live without it!”. The truth is you can’t live with it!


Eat your way to lower Cholesterol!

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Cholesterol emboli

Cholesterol emboli (Photo credit: Boonyarit Cheunsuchon)

Dr. Greger’s video below, shows how eating more nuts and seeds which contain phytosterols will lower our bodies cholesterol levels. Basically our body takes a certain amount of cholesterol and absorbs it while flushing out the excess as waste. Phytosterols look chemically similar to cholesterol. In fact they fool the body into accepting them in place of cholesterol. They do not have any of the negative reactions that cholesterol has. If the body is absorbing some cholesterol and some phytosterols, there are less amounts of cholesterol being absorbed. More goes to waste.

Fat & Sickly or Thin & Healthy; the Choice is Really Yours!

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I have sisters, family and friends that have told me my BLOG and book has changed their lives for the better. They are more aware of how our bodies react to our environment and what disease is. Most admit they, deep down, always new eating lots of steak and potatoes and no vegetables was bad for them. They knew that their sweet tooth was going to cost them more than a big belly. We can change for the better. We can do easy exercises to get our bodies moving. We can reduce the animal fat and cholesterol in our diets. We can reduce the amount of sugary foods we consume. Small changes lead to bigger ones. Not only will you be rewarded with a better looking body but one that can fight disease better. Our choices are very clear you can a) be overweight and look bad, have many aliments, feel tired and run down, take a lot of drugs with side effects and end up with a poor quality of life in your last 15-20 years or b) look great with a body your proud of, take little or no drugs, feel energetic and happy, live to your fullest right up to the end. It’s your choice!

Can You Reduce Heart Disease and Cancer with a Fork?


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According to Living Well Magazine October 2011 you can. The article shows a study that was done that showed “consumption of fruits & vegetables provides you with a significant protection against cancer at multiple sites in the body.” It also found:

a. Vegetarians have a 40% better chance of being cancer free than meat eaters

i. Meat lacks fiber of plant-based foods

ii. Meat lacks nutrients necessary for good health

iii. Meats have saturated fats

b. Vegans have a 57% lower incident rate of coronary heart disease compared to meat eaters

c. Vegetarians that consume some animal fat have only a 24% decrease

During a two-week study, volunteers were asked to change their eating habits to a vegetarian diet. The group observed the following in their blood tests after just two weeks:

a. 25 % less cholesterol

b. 33% less LDL cholesterol

c. 20% fewer triglycerides

The article goes on to say more restaurants are catering to vegetarian diets. More resources can be found at “The Vegetarian Resource Group”.

Your Choice: Drugs or Lifestyle Changes – What do you Choose?

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Main complications of persistent high blood pr...
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Millions of Americans are overweight with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and on the verge of heart disease or even cancer. If you’re one of them, experts say that the chances are good that you could dramatically cut back on the number of medications you have to take daily or even transition off them entirely, if you make just a few lifestyle changes. WebMD talks about this choice. Doctors seldom tell patients about these choices because it is widely believed in the medical community that Americans can’t make these changes. It really is your choice to live a life of taking drugs and becoming sicker each year you service or to change your life to one of health and no drugs. You can reduce the risks of illness drastically by exercise, diet and reduce stress changes. As your illnesses decrease and your weight decreases you can reduce your medications (with your doctor’s help) and get to a point where you are medication free. We are being told that many illnesses can NOT be cured. You must take pills for the rest of your life! THIS IS NOT TRUE! Many new doctors are finding they can reverse and cure most of these diseases by lifestyle changes. Your doctor or the medical community can NOT change your lifestyle for you. They can only prescribe drugs. If you want to be healthy and drug free, you must decide to change your life. It is your choice and within your power to do so. The beauty of it is it’s free!