Beef Lowers Cholesterol Scam!

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Marbled beef

Marbled beef (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The beef industry bought and paid for an ad that claims beef can be GOOD for you. It actually lowers your cholesterol. Dr Greger says what they really did was take a group of people have them eat beef but cut back on poultry so much that their overall cholesterol did go down. This was not because of eating beef but not eating so much poultry. Eating all meat (beef or poultry) will increase cholesterol levels. Faking out a study to make your product look good is wrong. Don’t be fooled America. They are scamming you for your dollars!

If you cut saturated fat (cheese, meat, Crisco, lard any animal products). The chair of nutrition at Harvard pointed this out and stated the cholesterol levels would have dropped even more if the beef was also eliminated and more plant-based protein was consumed.



Coconut Oil – Good or Bad?

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English: Coconut oil in solid state

English: Coconut oil in solid state (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Greger says it may help Alzheimer’s but it is one of the rare plant foods with saturated fats. Beef and coconut oil have high fat levels and can raise your LDL levels. If you have someone with Alzheimer’s then try using it and see if it helps.  If it doesn’t don’t stay on it as it can increase cholesterol levels. Unlike animal fats coconut oil does NOT spike inflammations after consumption.

Eat your way to lower Cholesterol!

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Cholesterol emboli

Cholesterol emboli (Photo credit: Boonyarit Cheunsuchon)

Dr. Greger’s video below, shows how eating more nuts and seeds which contain phytosterols will lower our bodies cholesterol levels. Basically our body takes a certain amount of cholesterol and absorbs it while flushing out the excess as waste. Phytosterols look chemically similar to cholesterol. In fact they fool the body into accepting them in place of cholesterol. They do not have any of the negative reactions that cholesterol has. If the body is absorbing some cholesterol and some phytosterols, there are less amounts of cholesterol being absorbed. More goes to waste.



Cholesterol emboliWe are in a society that hears about cholesterol all the time. We have good and bad cholesterol. We are preached to via TV ads that we need to take pills. One ad says when diet and exercise isn’t enough. The truth is our bodies make cholesterol and we need it to function properly. Most of the problem comes from a combination of poor diet that introduces excess cholesterol over and above we our bodies make and poor exercise that prevents our bodies from dealing with it. Cholesterol comes from animal products. It is not present in plant based foods. If your diet is mostly meats and fats you are introducing way too much cholesterol to be handled by your body. Cut back on meats, butter, creams, milk, eggs and cheese. These are all produced from animal fats loaded with cholesterol. Instead eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. It’s your body, guard what type of fuel you put into it.

Can You Reduce Heart Disease and Cancer with a Fork?


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According to Living Well Magazine October 2011 you can. The article shows a study that was done that showed “consumption of fruits & vegetables provides you with a significant protection against cancer at multiple sites in the body.” It also found:

a. Vegetarians have a 40% better chance of being cancer free than meat eaters

i. Meat lacks fiber of plant-based foods

ii. Meat lacks nutrients necessary for good health

iii. Meats have saturated fats

b. Vegans have a 57% lower incident rate of coronary heart disease compared to meat eaters

c. Vegetarians that consume some animal fat have only a 24% decrease

During a two-week study, volunteers were asked to change their eating habits to a vegetarian diet. The group observed the following in their blood tests after just two weeks:

a. 25 % less cholesterol

b. 33% less LDL cholesterol

c. 20% fewer triglycerides

The article goes on to say more restaurants are catering to vegetarian diets. More resources can be found at “The Vegetarian Resource Group”.