Cholesterol emboliWe are in a society that hears about cholesterol all the time. We have good and bad cholesterol. We are preached to via TV ads that we need to take pills. One ad says when diet and exercise isn’t enough. The truth is our bodies make cholesterol and we need it to function properly. Most of the problem comes from a combination of poor diet that introduces excess cholesterol over and above we our bodies make and poor exercise that prevents our bodies from dealing with it. Cholesterol comes from animal products. It is not present in plant based foods. If your diet is mostly meats and fats you are introducing way too much cholesterol to be handled by your body. Cut back on meats, butter, creams, milk, eggs and cheese. These are all produced from animal fats loaded with cholesterol. Instead eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. It’s your body, guard what type of fuel you put into it.