The five senses

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We are all subjected to an endless stream of news, opinions and theories. Does hearing these ideas cause us to believe in them? Do we believe we are going to be sick because of all the drug ads we see? Do we believe getting old equates to illness? Our minds are powerful processors that give us what we really want. If we hear things over and over again from a supposedly knowledgeable source, we begin to believe it. Does our mind then cause it to become reality because we think it’s true? God said we could move mountains with pure faith. Maybe He was referring to “we can do anything if we believe strong enough”. Placebos and Nocebos happen all the time because the patient believes. We know our knowledge of this world is from our five senses but they aren’t a reality in and of themselves. Our senses cause our brains to interpret the inputs and create a reality within us. Maybe the sensory overload we are all going through with our TVs, Radios and Computers are causing us to believe in very negative things because we hear them all the time. STOP! Back up and ask yourself what you really believe in. Minimize inputs that are of a negative nature. Newspaper headlines are always negative because negativity sells! Think about positive things in your life and be thankful for them. We are what we think so think positively.