Are big corporations making mega-bucks at our kid’s health expense?

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Healthy Berries are Good Food for Health

Healthy Berries are Good Food for Health (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Food Mythbusters” is trying to take advertisements for unhealthy foods off our TVs and out of our schools.  Our kids are being systematically targeted by these corporations to increase their profits. The result is 1/3 of our children are getting diabetes, cancer and other food related illnesses. They are being drugged with sugar and fat to increase their addiction to these foods and increase the profits of these corporations. They are spending mega bucks on TV ads and school programs to get close to our kids. They are also targeting our government through lobbing to reduce laws against what they are doing. The link above has an important video YOU MUST SEE IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN OR ARE ADDICTED TO FAST FOOD! The life you save today may be your children’s and yourself.


50% of Men will Disappoint you!

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We are the number one country in male erectile dysfunction. Yeah America your number 1! Most men get warnings for years before they can’t get an erection says Dr Greger. The male penis can predict cardiac problems early on. It is an area that is blood intensity. If you’re piping is becoming clogged, that is where it will show up first. Plague making cholesterol is the cause. It mainly comes from animal based foods. Eating less animal protein and more plant-based protein will not only improve your sex life, it will make you healthier and may allow you to live longer. Your heart will thank you.

So ladies, find yourself a man who eats a lot of fruits and vegetables and he will keep you satisfied throughout life. Attracted to meat eaters and you may have a lifetime of lonely evenings. Remember in America 50% of men suffer from this. So next time you are looking for a date, half of the men you are looking at will disappoint you.

You Are Erectile Dysfunction

You Are Erectile Dysfunction (Photo credit: Jeremy Brooks)

What is Epigenetics?

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Epigenetics (Photo credit: AJC1)

We talk about epigenetics on this site a lot but what is it? It’s a programming language within our cells that control our genes and DNA. It switches genes ON or OFF causing things to happen at the cellular level. Like a computer where the software turns instructions ON that form the various programs ewe run, epigenetics is the software and genes are the hardware.

Epigenetics are a chemical reaction that can enable or activate a gene or block it from being activated. These chemicals are methyl groups which comes from the environment we live in. It can be the food we eat, how we think (positive or negative), what we believe (placebo/nocebo), stress and exercise. Our body uses these chemical reactions to activate and deactivate genes or to send messages from one cell to another to do something.

There are no good/bad associated with these reactions but they can [positively or negatively affect our health and mental outlook. Early man & woman didn’t have the choices we have today. They were nomadic (got exercise), thought positive (were seekers and explorers), had low stress (except when chased by a saber-toothed tiger) and ate nutritious foods. They ate organic (it was all there was). They didn’t eat much meat (they probably got eaten more than they ate other animals). Their bodies evolved around this kind of simple life.

We have changed all this in the last 100 years. We don’t exercise, we are over stressed all the time, we eat junk food, and we all believe we will grow old and sick. And then we are shocked when it actually happens. Take control of your life and be well.

We are what we make ourselves!


Animation of the structure of a section of DNA...

Animation of the structure of a section of DNA. The bases lie horizontally between the two spiraling strands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have talked about diet, stress, thinking positive and believe in this BLOG. These influence our environment and causes our genes to either activate or deactivate like turning a light ON or OFF. This switching of genes changes our DNA programming and may improve our health or lives or may cause illnesses and unhappiness. Our epigenetics react to what they “see” in our environment. The switching is their way of coping with change. Sometimes it works and we get better and sometimes it doesn’t work and we get sick. It is not the old DNA model we were told about. The old model said we got our parents genes for better or for worse and we were stuck with them. We do get our parents DNA as well as some of their epigenetics. DNA is basically unchangeable throughout our lives. Epigenetics can be changed by us. It is sometimes not easy to break old habits and eat better or to lower our daily stress or to think positive instead of negatively or to believe and cause a placebo effect instead of a nocebo effect. If we really try and change our lifestyles, we can be healthier without drugs. There are no bad sise effects of eating a healthy diet. We just get healthy. Try it, you might like it and the effect it has on you as a person.

Male Infertility and Diet

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Fetus at 8 weeks after fertilization 3D Pregna...

Fetus at 8 weeks after fertilization 3D Pregnancy (Image from gestational age of 10 weeks). Retrieved 2007-08-28. A rotatable 3D version of this photo is available here, and a sketch is available here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you trying to get pregnant and seem to be having problems. There are lots of problems today with infertility. One that can really stop a pregnancy is males eating fat laden foods like meat & milk will lower sperm count and quality. Eating vegetables can actually increase sperm count and quality. Are you still eating a diet primarily of animal protein? These types of problems can lead to higher stress which can negatively affect your health.


Lets Weigh The Benefits of Good Health

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Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

We talk about epigenetics and good health a lot on this BLOG. Health is made up of nutritional eating, exercise, positive thinking, belief that you are healthy and lowered stress. All of these effects cause our bodies epigenetics to turn genes ON or OFF. This combination can lead to great health or death. Here are some of the benefits of staying healthy:

  1. Good complexion
  2. Lowered body mass
  3. Happiness
  4. Ability to travel and get around easier
  5. Longer longevity
  6. Good sex
  7. Fewer trips to the doctors or hospitals
  8. Lack of needing any drugs
  9. Ability to enjoy your family more

There are many more benefits but these lead to being happy and loving life. You can decide to stop being unhealthy and STOP pouring your money into drug companies.

Our Thoughts are Important

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Week 54: The Nocebo Effect

Week 54: The Nocebo Effect (Photo credit: WilliamsProjects)

We have discussed this idea on this BLOG before. Your thoughts shape who you are, how healthy you are, how you feel, etc. Think carefully, you may get what you think about. Negative people tend to find other negative people. Positive people tend to find other positive people. We know the placebo and nocebo effect is very real. The placebo effect works as good if not better than drugs. Another BLOG that I watch listed three important things to consider in our thoughts:

  1. You cannot change the past, but the future Is up to you
  2. Where you spend your time defines your life
  3. Be Grateful

Love is a powerful force. I believe we have love and we have lack of love. Lack of love shows up as hatred, anger and evil. The more you love the more you will associate with people who also love. Worrying about illness causes illness. Be positive and be loving. Watch what happens to your life!

Your Thoughts can Become Reality

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Our thoughts often cause reality to happen. People that tend to be negative attract other negative people and they tend to only see negative things. Positive people attract positive people and see the positive side. The Beyond Physical BLOG deals with this. Make a point to change your thoughts to positive ones. Among other things negative thought can cause stress. Stress can cause all types of illness. Remember a basic law: If you can master your thoughts, you can change your reality!

These Strange Times Require you to Research Carefully!

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English: pink ribbon

English: pink ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found out from a dear friend that whom fought breast cancer. The first doctor and hospital had her go through chemo for months. Later she switched doctors and found out she should never have had the chemo. It was totally ineffective on her type of cancer. When she questioned the original doctor, he said “That’s water under the dam. Everyone gets the same treatment”. Our hospitals are more interested in the money your treatment can generate than your feelings and health. Research research research! You have to take care of your own health and treatments. You are the only one looking out for your well-being. Question everything, get second and third opinions, research treatments and doctors.

The Three Rules Of Epigenetic Health


English: nutrigenomics, flow chart, diet, gene...

English: nutrigenomics, flow chart, diet, genes, disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Epigenetics are environmental influences that affect our genes. Our body reacts to the environment for good or bad. It’;s reactions cause genes to turn on or be blocked from turning on. It is an elaborate program That adjusts our bodies to new environmental conditions. The three main rules are:

  1. Diet – diet can cause health to be good with strong immune system or be weak and susceptible to diseases of all kinds. it is your choice! Plant based protein is proven over and over again to aid our bodies in building a strong immune system and fighting disease while animal protein causes inflammation which can lead to a weaker immune system and disease.
  2. Stress – Stress for early man was running from a saber toothed tiger and surviving. Afterwards the stress was gone. Today stress comes from our jobs, our families, finances, etc. It never ends or goes away in some people. Stress can weaken the immune system and cause diseases.
  3. Thinking – Dr Bruce Lipton has shown how thinking can cause epigenetic changes that can make us healthier or sicker. We know about placebos that cause us to believe they will heal us and therefore they do. Nocebos are the anti-placebo. If we believe we will get sick, we probably will. Positive thinking and belief will strengthen the immune system, heal or ills and prevent diseases. Negative thinking will cause the opposite effect. Our bodies believe what our minds tell it!

What messages are you sending to your body? If you eat poorly, have stress in your daily life and think negatively; you have a much higher probability of becoming ill with disease than a positive thinking, stressless vegan!

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