Does Organic Taste Weird?

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Nutrient deficient yam plant at Abakaliki, Nigeria

Nutrient deficient yam plant at Abakaliki, Nigeria (Photo credit: IITA Image Library)

I had a friend that said to me, “I don’t like the taste of organic!” That is really weird. Organic has no added taste. It is just the absence of preservatives. I told my friend to just go into the garage and get some fertilizer and sprinkle it on his organics and he would have regular produce. A little harsh, I admit but it does get the point across. God and nature made plant life a certain way to help keep us healthy and nourished. Man started fertilizing to increase profits at the cost of health. Look at our country now. After a few generations we are mostly sick.

There is another side to nutrients besides organics. It is rotating crops properly so the soil revives and keeps its nutrient base. When done properly, our plant food is very nutritious. Again it it a costly practice that has been mostly abandoned in the US for higher profits. Europe, especially Italy, still has farmers that care about taste and nutrients and farm to older standards. It works there because people want better tasting foods and healthier foods.

What are you eating?


Even Mummies had Clogged Arteries

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All Giza Pyramids in one shot. Русский: Все пи...

All Giza Pyramids in one shot. Русский: Все пирамиды Гизы на изображении. Español: Las Pirámides de Guiza (Egipto). Français : Les Pyramides de Gizeh (Egypte). Català: Les Piràmides de Giza, a Egipte. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An article on Yahoo today shows a leading story that mummies had clogged arteries. Most people read this and say to themselves,”See even ancient Egyptians had clogged arteries. I can’t worry about it!” They lead a good and decadent life. They ate a lot of meat. They suffered from the same diseases we do. We shouldn’t read these types of articles and let ourselves off the hook. We make ourselves sick by our life-style. Change your life-style and live healthier. It’s a very simple rule. Eat more of what God and nature gives us and less of what man makes. Eat less animal protein and more vegetable protein. Relax and do meditation. Exercise and stay fit. It really is that simple. Each of these are things you choose to do. Choose correctly and your body will stay healthy.

Capsules, Pills and Powders Everywhere


Fluoxetine HCl 20mg Capsules (Prozac)

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I am reading a lot about the “Epigenetic Diet”. It seems we are using these new areas of biology to determine what nutrients are essential for human health. This is a very good thing. Then we try to synthesize the nutrient into a capsule, pill or powder to be taken orally. This is bad! Why not just eat the food that contains the original nutrient? It is usually a plant-based food. Why pay for pills when we can eat what God gave us naturally? Are we really that stupid?

Life is a Crap Shot

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Albert Einstein during a lecture in Vienna in ...

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Einstein refused to believe in Quantum Mechanics because he said “God doesn’t throw the dice”. But life is full of probabilities. It is why we have all heard the story of the guy who smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day and lived to be 100. A group of 100 of these guys would show 99 of them died long before 100 and suffered horribly. Each decision we make raises or lowers our probability of health and happiness. What you eat raises or lowers the probability of illness. How much stress is on you and for how long raises the probability of becoming ill. Thinking negatively and being depressed raises the probability of illness and lowers the quality of life. We need to start making small changes in our life that shifts the probabilities in a positive direction. If you can’t be a vegetarian, start to reduce the amount of meat you eat. Don’t eat it 3 times a day. Don’t order it on pizza. Start to increase your plant-based foods. Join a yoga class or buy a DVD and practice it to calm yourself and stretch your muscles. Learn meditation to reduce the stress on your life. Start to give as much time to positive things as you do to negative things. Our news is all about negativity because it sells. If you are going to read the news then read stories about people doing positive real things in life. Play more with children. They tend to be more positive. They haven’t fully learned our negativity yet. Doing these things will raise the overall probability of health and happiness. After all it’s your life, live it well! It’s your crap shot!

Does Modern Technology Cause Illnesses?

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The five senses

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We are all subjected to an endless stream of news, opinions and theories. Does hearing these ideas cause us to believe in them? Do we believe we are going to be sick because of all the drug ads we see? Do we believe getting old equates to illness? Our minds are powerful processors that give us what we really want. If we hear things over and over again from a supposedly knowledgeable source, we begin to believe it. Does our mind then cause it to become reality because we think it’s true? God said we could move mountains with pure faith. Maybe He was referring to “we can do anything if we believe strong enough”. Placebos and Nocebos happen all the time because the patient believes. We know our knowledge of this world is from our five senses but they aren’t a reality in and of themselves. Our senses cause our brains to interpret the inputs and create a reality within us. Maybe the sensory overload we are all going through with our TVs, Radios and Computers are causing us to believe in very negative things because we hear them all the time. STOP! Back up and ask yourself what you really believe in. Minimize inputs that are of a negative nature. Newspaper headlines are always negative because negativity sells! Think about positive things in your life and be thankful for them. We are what we think so think positively.

Is Epigenetics Proof of God?


This may not be a mathematical proof but if you think about it I am sure you will agree. I have been involved with computers all my life. Computer memory holds both instructions and data. What is the chance that bits in memory could just turn ON/OFF in a pattern that would be instructions that actually did something in a computer? Can you imagine Windows or an accounting program or photo editing software just coming together by accident? It takes intelligence to program a computer not random by chance events. Now how about us? Our DNA is a memory function that definitely holds instructions (genes) that get turned ON/OFF (epigenetics) and maybe data as well. I believe it is the same impossible chance that our genes just randomly came together and got turned ON/OFF in such a way to build all life on Earth and maybe all live in the Universe. We are programmed just like computers, like it or not! Some intelligent life-force programmed us. It was either God or some much higher intelligent alien life force. Which do you think programmed us?