During the recent storm that hit the east coast, I have heard news reports on the number of people who are hitting grocery stores to stock up. Most of the reports said “People are stocking up on healthy necessities”. These were listed as milk, bread, and eggs. Vegetables are never mentioned. From what we have seen, bread, especially white bread is high on the Glycemic Index and therefore can lead to diabetes. Even whole wheat’s are higher than fruit and vegetables. Milk has been associated with all kinds of diseases including breast cancer. Eggs are high in cholesterol and have animal protein (the china study indicates animal protein consumption in excess of 10% of your total calories can lead to cancer and heart disease). How did we get to a place where the healthy necessities are so unhealthy for us and the one thing than seems to fight diseases the most (plant-based foods) is almost never mentioned? I have also noticed that food commercial is talking more about healthy foods. Watch for the “Bait & Switch” A national pizza company says their pizza is healthy. They show they make them from real tomatoes. The bait is tomatoes are healthy (this is true) the switch is their pizza is healthy because it’s made from tomatoes. Do your research carefully! Look at what doctors say when you have cancer or a heart problem (usually they tell you to cut back on meat, especially red meats, and eat more vegetables). These are things you should be doing now not after you have a disease. Dr Dean Ornish who wrote “The Spectrum” says eating healthier while you are healthy may keep you healthy. Once you have a disease you will need to make more strides in the healthy direction to cure it.