Hamburg Steinway D-274

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Epigenetics is like a piano, when it’s in tune and an experienced player is at the keyboard, it produces beautiful music. If it is out of tune, no matter who is playing it, it will produce noise. Our bodies are like pianos. When we keep them in tune, we are healthy and happy. When they are out of tune, we are sick and unhappy. Epigenetics is a system that plays are genes based on environmental influences. If those influences are healthy, our bodies respond in a healthy way. When they are not healthy our bodies respond in an unhealthy way. We are in control! Environmental influences that put us in or out of tune are: diet, exercise, though, beliefs and toxins. The toxin part we all understand but the others have just as strong an influence on us as toxins do. Decide today to tune your body and keep it in perfect harmony.