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In an article in Time Magazine says we are not at the mercy of our DNA. This BLOG has long been dedicated to getting that message out to the public. You can no longer say “I have bad genes” or “It’s in my genes”. Our genes do NOT control who we are! They simply do what the environment tells them to do. Food, stress, belief, thinking and toxins are what control our genes. This process is known in biology as epigenetics. The article speaks of a poor diet as a control that can lower our longevity genes and raise our obesity genes. Of course a healthy diet can do the reverse. Almost every disease is epigenetic based and now scientists are finding that basic human functions like memory and even our looks are also controlled by epigenetics. Eat right and lower your stress not only for health but memory, longevity, a good sex life, memory, intelligence, etc. Knowing this, can you ever eat unhealthy again or raise your stress levels?