Baldness and cancer are linked to Progenitor Cells, a kind of stem cell. Progenitor Cells are somewhere between a stem cell and a normal cell. Stem Cells have epigenetic markers unset so they are not a specific type of cell yet. Progenitor Cells have some epigenetic markers set but not all and can be quickly turned into a specific cell as needed. Another difference between the two is that Stem Cells can multiply indefinitely but Progenitor Cells have a limited number of reproductions. This is a very new area of research and is not well understood yet but Progenitor Cells are linked to both cancers, heart failures and to baldness. Some studies have shown that stroke patients with more endothelial progenitor cells had a better chance of avoiding repeat heart attacks. It was once felt baldness was due to a lack of Stem Cells. But recently scientists found men that have baldness have the same number as men without baldness. But the bald men have far fewer Progenitor Cells. Scientists are now looking for why these men’s stem cells stopped producing Progenitor Cells. Epigenetics is a powerful system at work inside each cell of our bodies. It is clearly affected by diet, stress, thought and environmental toxins. As these triggers reset our epigenetic codes, we move into possibly new areas of disease, mental illness and depression. It is imperative for us to both understand epigenetic triggers and to control them if we are to have a healthy and happy life style. Could we be witnessing the start of a new evolution from human into something else.