Cover of Not in our Genes.

Cover of Not in our Genes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A funny but scientific video on what epigenetics is.  If you are a reader of my BLOG you know what epigenetics is and how it affects our genes and our lives & health. What Makes us who we are? – We are not determined by our genes but by how our epigenes work on our genes. The question of who we are is really which genes have we turned ON or OFF during our lives. Some of these switches are great and necessary for life but some are due to changes in our external (environment) life like diet, belief, thinking and stress.

If you are someone that thinks bad things will happen to you, they probably will. If you also believe you will get sick, live a stressful life and eat wrong, you will have a very high probability of being ill. If on the other hand you are a vegan, have little or no stress, are a positive believer and believe you will not get sick, you probably will live a healthy life.