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Learn.Genetics at the University of Utah says each of our cells communicate with each other and change their processing based on signals they receive from the environment. These signals come in the form of diet, stress, behavior, and toxins. Yesterdays BLOG discussed how stress can cause our cells to focus on the stress even at the cost of our immune system. The environment is yelling at us and it causes us to change in response to it. How are you changing? What kind of memory are your cells storing? There can be no doubt now that these influences cause us to be healthy and happy or sick and depressed. Just like children turn out to be what their parents taught them, our cells turn out to be what the environment has taught them. Rules to live by: 1) Avoid toxins, 2) Lower stress levels, 3) Eat healthy foods, and 4) think positive and believe in yourself. These four rules will keep you healthy, strong and happy.