This may not be a mathematical proof but if you think about it I am sure you will agree. I have been involved with computers all my life. Computer memory holds both instructions and data. What is the chance that bits in memory could just turn ON/OFF in a pattern that would be instructions that actually did something in a computer? Can you imagine Windows or an accounting program or photo editing software just coming together by accident? It takes intelligence to program a computer not random by chance events. Now how about us? Our DNA is a memory function that definitely holds instructions (genes) that get turned ON/OFF (epigenetics) and maybe data as well. I believe it is the same impossible chance that our genes just randomly came together and got turned ON/OFF in such a way to build all life on Earth and maybe all live in the Universe. We are programmed just like computers, like it or not! Some intelligent life-force programmed us. It was either God or some much higher intelligent alien life force. Which do you think programmed us?