Is Epigenetics Proof of God?


This may not be a mathematical proof but if you think about it I am sure you will agree. I have been involved with computers all my life. Computer memory holds both instructions and data. What is the chance that bits in memory could just turn ON/OFF in a pattern that would be instructions that actually did something in a computer? Can you imagine Windows or an accounting program or photo editing software just coming together by accident? It takes intelligence to program a computer not random by chance events. Now how about us? Our DNA is a memory function that definitely holds instructions (genes) that get turned ON/OFF (epigenetics) and maybe data as well. I believe it is the same impossible chance that our genes just randomly came together and got turned ON/OFF in such a way to build all life on Earth and maybe all live in the Universe. We are programmed just like computers, like it or not! Some intelligent life-force programmed us. It was either God or some much higher intelligent alien life force. Which do you think programmed us?


Body Apps

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Our bodies are like the new high-tech smart phones on the market today. They come with a set of apps preloaded. Our bodies come preloaded with approximately 20,000 to 25,000 apps (genes). Although sometimes an app can be changed and do wrong things like the smart phone apps, it doesn’t happen all that often. These apps function together to form a complex network of intelligence that built us from a single cell and maintains us throughout our life time. Smartphone apps do not work in a vacuum and neither do our body apps. smart phone apps depend on the phone’s physical position (vertical or horizontal), the GPS coordinates, the presence of a wireless LAN and the presence of a functioning cell tower. Our body apps work based on the presence of the nine missing amino acids we need to live, nutrients and signals from our cells in our body. Like a fine orchestra, if a group of cells are off the whole can sound bad. As cells try to deal with the environment they are thrust into, they communicate with each other via proteins and amino acids. Sometimes this causes other cells to react and so on down the line. Usually the reactions combined are for the good of the whole body but sometimes mistakes are made and we have disease and depression. These are just words we have to describe a condition of the body.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an owners manual of the various body apps? It might describe which foods to consume and which to avoid. It might describe what are acceptable levels of stress and what are not. It might describe how to be positive and not negative. How to be happy and not sad. How to maintain health and well-being. These apps are very complex and understanding them will take a long time. What we do know today is that we have choices that will maintain a healthy lifestyle if we want it. They include diet, exercise, stress maintenance and positive thought. Read everything you can on plant-based foods and their impact on the body apps, Stress and how to reduce it via yoga and meditation, positive thought and how to obtain it via faith and meditation.

We have a very powerful weapon it our arsenal called “Free Will” Use it or lose it!