People who travel well know Italy and of course Roma!

The Lucy Monologues

Well, it’s taken what feels like a million years to write this, but here I am.

I’ve been in love with Rome (well, ancient Rome at least) ever since I can remember. I must have read hundreds of books on various aspects of it, and have spent much of my life dreaming of going. From the 19th – 23rd June, I was lucky enough to finally visit (thank you, grandparents!)

Day one

Seeing as we had to get up ridiculously early (I think it was about half 2) on the day we were travelling, I’d planned to go to bed super early, but my Grandma and I ended up staying up discussing various things about Rome (and feminism… but that’s a different matter!). The lack of sleep made me feel pretty sick on the flight (and there was nasty turbulence!), but luckily a lot of seats were free, and I…

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