Beyond Meat goes Retail


I have spoken about Beyond Meats chicken-less chicken before. It is a fantastic product that is used to make dishes in Whole Foods Supermarkets. It is now available at Whole Foods to purchase and bring home so you can make your own dishes. This product looks and tastes like chicken. Go wild, make some great recipes and let me know what is your favorite.

Bill Gates and a Vegan Diet

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English: Veggie burger

English: Veggie burger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bill makes a case for a vegan diet saying it’s better for everyone and the planet. Many vegetarians and meat eaters have been eating veggie burger products as a substitute for meat. Companies like Trader Joe’s has great vegetarian meatballs. They taste great and you can use them as meatballs or make a meat gravy or meatloaf or stuffed peppers, etc. Let your imagination go wild. There are also a variety of non meat cold cuts and non dairy cheeses in most supermarkets. These products taste great. You can make an Italian sub and no one will know it’s not meat! A company I have mentioned before, Beyond Meat, has the most amazing non meat chicken product I have ever tasted. Our Whole Foods uses this product to make a large variety of  foods in the prepared foods area. The Thai Chicken is to die for. These products are not as good as natural grown vegetables and fruits but are far better than eating too much animal protein. Experiment and try different recipes. You will be surprised what you can do with these products and no one will know except you.