Vegetarian Diet may Cut Risk of Heart Disease


Food for Life distributes food on an internati...

Food for Life distributes food on an international basis produced solely from vegan and lacto-vegetarian ingredients. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Web MD says a vegetarian diet may cut the risk of heart disease. A new study shows the hospitalization due to heart disease is down by a third for those following a vegetarian diet over meat and fish eaters. Heart disease is the largest killer of humans in developed countries. You don’t have to give in to this disease, you can fight it! A major weapon in fighting it is DIET. This may be due in part to lower cholesterol in vegetarian diets and higher saturated fats in meat eaters diets. Choose your food well. It may save your life or a loved ones. Diet, lack of exercise, smoking and stress are a fatal attraction.

Do You have Job Stress?

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Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress.

Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stress can be as deadly as diet to your health. Web MD says it is not a reaction to an event but how you interpret that event. So it is in your head and therefore can be changed. Life throws a lot of different experiences at us. How we see these experiences may differ drastically from how others see them. We may view an experience as fun while someone else feels stressed over it. Learn to control how you interpret life and lessen your stress.

Is Your Medication Killing you?


Tips for Heart Health and Heart Disease Prevention

Tips for Heart Health and Heart Disease Prevention (Photo credit: Infographix)

Web MD says medication has negatively affects half of all heart patients. Just when we think we are in good care and are given medications to help our heart problems, we may actually be quickening our death. See this informative article on what can go wrong with your medication. The study said the drugs most often involved in errors were:
Heart disease drugs
• Diuretics
• Opioids for pain
• Cholesterol drugs
• Herbs, vitamins, supplements
• Diabetes drugs
• Anti-clotting drugs

Home of the brave and land of the fat

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WebMD says by 2030 164 million American adults will be obese! That’s half the adults in our country. We may have to change our motto to “Home of the brave and land of the fat”. We are totally out of control on obesity. It is happening at an earlier and earlier age and staying with us through our lives. Diets DON’T WORK! They never have! If they did work obesity would be on the fall not the rise. The only solution is a live style change for life. Start eating more fiber and the only place fiber comes from is plants. Get over your adversity to fruit and vegetables. It’s your choice, Size 16 or enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. The life you save may be your own. This article says health care costs will be up $66 Billion per year by 2030 and there will be 8 million new cases of diabetes, 6.8 million additional cases of heart disease and .5 million new cases of cancer. We look bad, we feel bad, we get a serious disease and yet half of us will do it by 2030. That just doesn’t make any sense.

WebMD says Changing Diet can have a Positive Effect on your Heart

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Dr. Dean Ornish

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WebMD saysImagine that you’ve just left your cardiologist’s office. He’s told you that you have to make some changes. Your blood pressure is way over the limit at 170 over 100 and your LDL cholesterol (that’s the “bad” kind) is hovering right around 200. He conducted an exercise cardiac stress test, putting you on the treadmill and increasing the speed and elevation periodically while monitoring your heart — and he didn’t like the results.” Dean Ornish tells WebMD that you can change your heart condition, if you have one, or prevent one if you are health by your diet. What we eat effects what I call our “Epigenetic Program” it keeps us in tune or puts us out of tune. When we are out of tune we are more susceptible to diseases. How in tune are you?

Is Your Depression Causing You to Eat Wrong?


You Are What You Eat

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WebMD says that depression can cause us to eat wrong. We may eat too little, too much, the wrong foods or just feel too tired to cook properly. These facts can lead to an even worse depression. Food is important to maintain our health by keeping our epigenetic state tuned properly like a well tuned automobile. WebMD says “Nutritional deficiencies can make depression worse. So focus on eating a variety of foods, including whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and low-fat dairy products. Consider meeting with a nutritionist who can create simple, balanced meal plans for you”.

America’s Eating Habits are Getting Worse

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American cultural icons, apple pie, baseball, ...

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WebMD reports a survey that shows our eating habits are getting
worse not better. The survey also reported:

  • American’s are eating less fruits and vegetables
  • More people are smoking than last year at this time
  • The number of people exercising 1/2 hr or more three times a week is down

This is surprising since May is typically a month that kicks off better eating habits with the abundance of fresh produce.