Vegetarian Labor Day

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vegetarianism: the higher taste

vegetarianism: the higher taste (Photo credit: robpurdie)

We had a vegetarian Labor Day Party. We served vegetarian hamburgers (veggie-burgers), vegetarian Italian Sausage and Vegetarian hot dogs with all the trimmings. Sausage with onions and peppers were the hit by far. For dessert there was a very sweet fresh watermelon. You can throw normal parties and stay vegetarian or vegan. Enjoy life but eat healthy.


Whats on your Barbeque?

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veggie burgers, braised shiitakes  |  hamburgu...

veggie burgers, braised shiitakes | hamburguesas vegetarianas, setas shiitake braseadas (Photo credit: juanelos)

It’s summer time and everyone loves to barbeque. If you are vegetarian or vegan or just cutting back on your meat intake, what do you barbeque? It turns out you can barbeque a lot of things including veggie burgers, portabella mushrooms, pizza, vegetables and seitan products. Let your imagination go and try different things and in different ways. You don’t need meat to barbeque. You will soon find out you don’t really miss it. The important thing is to try different types of vegetables to find those you like and try doing them in different ways to get the flavors you like.

Controlling Old Urges

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English: Bleu Ribbon Veggie Burger at Red Robi...

English: Bleu Ribbon Veggie Burger at Red Robin for Glenn’s birthday: veggie burger, steak sauce, onion straws, tomato, lettuce, bleu cheese crumbles, chipotle mayo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do you control an old urge while trying to maintain a vegetarian or vegan diet? We all get urges for a sandwich, hamburger, hot dog, egg salad, etc. The good news is there are great vegetarian or vegan products on the market today that can satisfy our strongest urges. Veggie burgers have come a long way. There are so many types on the market that are made with different base products. Try a variety to find which you like best. You can also use a Portobello mushroom cap as your burger (see recipe below). Load it up with your favorite sides, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, etc. There are also hot dog products that are great tasting and would fool the best taste buds. Sandwiches can be made with a variety of non meat cold cuts and non diary cheeses. Load them up with onion, tomato, lettuce and you have a great sandwich. I use extra firm tofu to make an egg salad (without eggs) that is yummy. You make this egg salad with turmeric (see recipe below)I love crunchy so I mix in carrots, celery, onion, etc.

Do not eat these foods everyday! They are processed foods, Use them when your urge is strong. Then go back to a diet mainly made up of nature produced foods. Enjoy food and enjoy your health.

How do you fare on healthy a food diet?

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What is healthy food these days? If you listen to commercials, it’s everyone’s product. We know that isn’t true don’t we? The solution is to STOP watching commercials! They are designed to lie or at least manipulate the truth to sell you a product. We should be eating mostly what God or nature made not what man makes for a profit. Here are some tips even for non vegetarians:

  1. Meat should be the smallest portion on your plate not more than once per day
  2. Substitute fish for meat. Tuna looks and tastes like a steak
  3. Substitute veggie burgers for hamburgers. There are a large variety of veggie burgers out there. Try them and choose one you really like. Load it up with tomato, onion, lettuce but avoid ketchup (it’s high in sugars)
  4. Try veggie hot dogs. Whole Foods has some great ones that you can’t tell from meat versions.
  5. Vegetables should be a large portion not with butter or salad dressing and slightly cooked so they are crunchy
  6. Fruits should be eaten often as a snack or breakfast
  7. Nuts and seeds are very good for you, mix up the types but avoid peanuts
  8. Avoid bread but if you do eat it then buy artesian type multi grain
  9. Avoid desserts at all costs eat fruit
  10. Don’t eat a lot of potatoes or corn
  11. Mix up your vegetables and fruits. Try new ones. Pick from a wide variety of colors.
  12. If you must eat dessert choose something not very sweet or make bananas in a blender with ice until it is ice cream consistency. It is sweet and delicious but it contains only fruit and water
  13. Don’t over eat! Eat 5 small (very small) meals instead of 3 larger ones
  14. Limit alcohol to one glass of wine a day


English: Veggie burger eating competition, Slo...

English: Veggie burger eating competition, Slovakia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Soy Beans have a Long History


English: A package of toasted soybeans, manufa...

English: A package of toasted soybeans, manufactured and distributed by Trader Joe’s. Shot taken by User:CoolFox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My good friend David sent this article on the history of soybeans. They have been around for a long time. They provide healthy nutrition, protein and are good in so many different kinds of recipes. Search the web for soybeans and try different ones. People enjoy veggie-burgers made from soy, humus, soy milk as a healthy alternative to cow’s milk, and many more. Try different things and enjoy new foods that are really healthy.

Vegie Burgers are Great!

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Veggie Burger @ Dog Haus

Veggie Burger @ Dog Haus (Photo credit: latca)

When I used to eat hamburgers, it really wasn’t the meat that made a great burger! It was what you put on it. Pickles, onions (or fried onions), tomato, lettuce, avocado, etc. The combination of flavors created a great sensation. With veggie burgers it’s the same. Build your burger your way and let those great flavors mesh. Many restaurants now offer a veggie burger replacement to meat on any of their burgers. You can get one loaded with what you love. Making your own veggie burger let’s you know exactly what’s in it. Made fresh with fresh ingredients tastes the best. Angie’s Grapevine is a BLOG that has a recipe for a veggie burger, try it!

Healthy Eating Anywhere

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English: Veggie burger with fried mushrooms.

English: Veggie burger with fried mushrooms. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saturday night we went to a 50’s dance party at our clubhouse. They were serving hamburgers, french fries and rootbeer floats. Not exactly healthy fare! Plus we don’t eat meat. Se we brought our own veggie burgers and used their rools, lettuce, tomato and onions. We had a few fries and no rootbeer float. Npt 100% healthy but we turned a dietary disater into something not so bad. You can still go to all your fun events and eat healthier. Make the choice and follow through with it.  Dancing is good exercise and the commradery of being with your friends and neighbors is mood lifting. The choice is yours … choose wisely.

Veggie Burger, Veggie Burgers Everywhere


Veggie Burger @ My Burger Bar

Veggie Burger @ My Burger Bar (Photo credit: the_himay)

I love veggie burgers but they come in many many different ways. Most hamburger places now offer (in small print) any burger can be substituted for a turkey burger or veggie burger. Let’s face it, it’s not the meat that makes a great hamburger it’s the toppings! My favorite veggie burger is on a nice roll with avocado, tomato, lettuce, fried onions and sautéed mushrooms. It’s a messy burger but oh so good. I also like a Portobello burger dressed the same way. Take a nice Portobello cap, saute or grill it and dress it up.

What’s your favorite veggie burger? How do you like to dress it up?

It’s Springtime with Spring Thoughts in the Air


English: Serving veggie burgers at Stanford un...

English: Serving veggie burgers at Stanford university (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This time of year does something to us. In America we have new love in the air, baseball, barbeques, travel and getting outside. It’s natural! All of this is our bodies reacting to the Spring weather. It’s a very good thing. Remember a few things as you enjoy this time of year. Wear your sun block and watch what you eat and how you prepare it. We all love a good barbecue but cooking things too long on a barbecue can be carcinogenic. Watch the amount of meats you consume. Try some fish, veggies on the barbecue or veggie burgers with all the trimmings. You can enjoy Spring but not blow the health diet. Keeping excessive weight off is an American past time but it’s obviously not working. A better past time is to watch your health diet. It will keep you healthy and weight will naturally fall off. Enjoy the Spring and Summer but live healthy!



Bill Gates and a Vegan Diet

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English: Veggie burger

English: Veggie burger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bill makes a case for a vegan diet saying it’s better for everyone and the planet. Many vegetarians and meat eaters have been eating veggie burger products as a substitute for meat. Companies like Trader Joe’s has great vegetarian meatballs. They taste great and you can use them as meatballs or make a meat gravy or meatloaf or stuffed peppers, etc. Let your imagination go wild. There are also a variety of non meat cold cuts and non dairy cheeses in most supermarkets. These products taste great. You can make an Italian sub and no one will know it’s not meat! A company I have mentioned before, Beyond Meat, has the most amazing non meat chicken product I have ever tasted. Our Whole Foods uses this product to make a large variety of  foods in the prepared foods area. The Thai Chicken is to die for. These products are not as good as natural grown vegetables and fruits but are far better than eating too much animal protein. Experiment and try different recipes. You will be surprised what you can do with these products and no one will know except you.

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