upselling (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

I was at a Salad Works last night. I ordered a vegetarian chili small and a greek salad with half the normal dressing. The first up sell was to try and get me to up size the soup to a larger one for only 50 cents more. I told him it was not the money but the portion size. He looked at me as if I was from mars. Next he couldn’t understand why I only wanted half the dressing. First he tried to tell me it tasted better with all of the dressing, then he wanted to give me the other half in a cup just in case. I really object to being up sold and I object to the increasing portion sizes in restaurants. They don’t get it! One day lawyers will go after these companies because their up selling and portion sizes make people overweight and unhealthy. Don’t be fooled! order what you feel is right for you to eat. Don’t eat any more!