How Plants Help Starve Cancer


The Human Body -- Cancer

The Human Body — Cancer (Photo credit: n0cturbulous)

Dr Greger says, “Tumors that lead to cancer tumors require a blood supply.” We all have cancer cells and cancer genes. These genes need to be turned on (epigenetics). Diet and thinking can turn these genes ON/OFF. Once ON they need blood to grow into a larger tumor and cancer growth. Vegetables or more accurately plant-life provides nutrients that block the blood supply to these tumors. This stops cancer in its tracks.

We eat a variety of things but we are NOT carnivorous (biologically). Some of us really want to be but our bodies just are not built that way. We can eat a little meat and it will help, we can be vegetarian but eat some milk, eggs or cheese and it will help. These diets can still lead to chronic illnesses like heart disease and cancer. Eating a struck Vegan diet (mostly whole raw foods) will have the highest probability of no chronic illness. It may also reverse illnesses you already have. I have seen heart disease, cancer and MS reversed by diet.

We have to accept who we are and learn to eat the way we were meant to eat. The alternative may lead our families to a long life of illnesses and premature death.

Look at my Video Tab to see important videos from doctors and scientists like Dr. Greger, Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. T. Colin Campbell. Universities are studying these effects and departments like the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Don’t let lobbyist like the meat industry, dairy industry and milk industry fool you and make your family sick for their profits.


What you eat can trigger cancer!


Granular cell tumor

Granular cell tumor (Photo credit: Pulmonary Pathology)

Dr. Greger says “Tumors use meat to grow. He also says, “Cancer may use a molecule found in animal products to trick our immune system into feeding it with inflammation.”. Tumors trick our immune system by feeding it inflammation. This inflammation allows the cancer to grow faster. Stop eating animal protein and starve the tumors of what they need to survive.

Today is the Mayan day that is supposed to change life on Earth. Maybe more people will move away from animal protein and that will cause our massive number of hospitals and medical centers to close. Our tax dollars saved in healthcare would be massive! HERE IS TO SOME GOOD CHANGE…

Why Does Meat Protein Stimulate Rapid Growth and Plant Protein Doesn’t?


Cross section of a human liver, taken at autop...

Cross section of a human liver, taken at autopsy examination, showing multiple large pale tumor deposits. The tumor is an adenocarcinoma derived from a primary lesion in the body of the pancreas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Greger says by eating meat protein we get building blocks that closely resemble the blocks of our body (proteins). Our body can EASILY build from these and in fact causes a rapid growth from them. This growth can be in the form of tumors causing cancer. Plant protein doesn’t much resemble our body blocks so it is harder to build from it. It must be first disassembled and then reassembled into a compatible format. This takes time and stimulates more normal growth. Causing less tumors and cancer. Your liver will thank you for less animal protein since it doesn’t have to work as hard to get rid of it.

Will we ever cure anything?

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Diagram showing upregulation of antisense tran...

Diagram showing upregulation of antisense transcripts and cancer progression (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Medical News Today (MNT) says scientists are hard at work developing new drugs to turn tumor suppressor genes back on. Although this work is important we should be looking at what environmental conditions are causing the body to turn these genes off in the first place. This is like replacing your car brakes often because to drive hard on the brakes. It would be better to learn how to drive with less brake usage and save your brakes for an emergency. Drugs are useful for extreme cases but we need to understand the causes and help teach people to live healthier. Learning to stop smoking is far better than continuing to smoke and taking a drug to prevent cancer.

Our Environment can allow Tumors to grow or fight them


Granular cell tumor

Granular cell tumor (Photo credit: Pulmonary Pathology)

Pharmaceutical Intelligence says if DNA is our alphabet, epigenetics is our spelling, language and grammar. Dr. Esteller, who did this study, has been crucial to show that all human tumors have in common a specific chemical alteration: the hypermethylation of tumor suppressor genes. Remember methylation causes genes to be silenced (turned off). Turning off tumor suppressor genes disables our bodies abilities to fight tumors.

Does Animal Based Foods Rub us the Wrong Way?

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Macrophages have identified a cancer cell (the...

Image via Wikipedia

Research at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine indicates what we have been saying about consumption of animal protein on this BLOG. They say that the interaction of animal protein within our bodies may raise the attention of our immune system. This immune response causes chronic inflammation which can trigger tumor growth. This should be the first quest of modern Nutrigenomic research. Find foods that link to cancer genes being activated or tumor genes being silenced. I believe that the animal protein may be to close to us on the evolutionary scale and trigger genes that shouldn’t be in our bodies.

The Perfect Storm


The immune system cells

Image via Wikipedia

If you have been following my BLOG, you know about how diet and stress can cause diseases. My Last BLOG, Hidden Epigenetic Genome, discussed how food broken down passes into cells for fuel. The mitochondrion then processes these elements and can send enzymes to the nucleus to turn ON/OFF genes. So here is the link that allows some foods to turn ON cancer cells and OFF tumor fighting cells while other foods do the reverse. The perfect storm comes when you are eating the wrong foods and under stress. Stress causes our immune function to break down. So the wrong diet turns on cancer genes and off tumor fighting genes while stress lowers our immune system. We don’t stand a chance under these circumstances. Unlike a hurricane, we can control this storm. Start eating right and lower your stress.

Cancer Cells are Highly Programmed by Epigenetic Changes


Normal cancer cell division from NIH

Image via Wikipedia

Life Science scientists, in an article titled Epigenetics makescancer cell “lean mean machine”  have found that a typical prostate cancer cell has growth genes turned ON but tumor suppressor genes turned OFF. This is a deadly combination. Professor Susan Clark, the project leader, says “We can see that the epigenome is remodeled in a very consistent and precise way, effectively swamping the expression of any gene that goes against the cancer cell’s interests. She goes on to say that this switching not only occurs in the cancer cells but all nearby cells as well. She says the tumor cells work in a very programmed way, not a random way! How did this programming occur? It is beneficial to the cancer growth but not to the host