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A study was done by two doctors of a paper published by John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future in April of 2003. This study largely documents that meat of all types increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and people on vegetarian diets have a much less risk. The two doctor’s exam this detailed report and make suggestions for future testing. We need more tests like this but from truly unbiased scientists. Most tests today are paid for by meat & diary association to provide a favorable conclusion for them. We all remember the tobacco industry swearing nicotine was safe. They also did many tests that cited smoking as safe. We know better today. The rapid increase in cancer from smoking made it impossible to lie about the facts. I believe we are in another rapid increase of several diseases that are caused by the American Diet! At some time the pressure will be so great that the truth will be revealed. Lawyers will make a fortune suing the food industry and meat & diary industries for the suffering that has been caused. You are what you eat! The good news is you can change what you eat.