Holiday, Eating healthy and Well

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Long gone are the days were we sit at the table for 6 hours and gorge ourselves. Or at least it’s long gone for most. This holiday season try to make more vegetables. If you’re a meat-eater, serve smaller portions and find interesting vegetable dishes to try with your meat. Avoid frying everything. For dessert make less! Try baking something yourself. Use half the sugar called for or use a substitute like natural organic apple sauce with no sugar added. An even better dessert is fruit, fresh, juicy and delicious.


Vegetables (Photo credit: neonbubble)

Holidays are about spending time with family and friends, not about over eating or eating the wrong things. Stay healthy and help keep your family healthy.


WOW that wasn’t Chicken?

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Beyond Meat Chicken

 Chicken Salad (Photo credit: DaveOnFlickr)

I BLOGed about Beyond Meats meat-less chicken strips. They recently placed their products into a large number of Whole Food Supermarkets. Whole Foods is using this product in their prepared foods area as an alternative to meat. It is a vegan product that looks, tastes and feels like real chicken. I tried a barbecued one, chicken salad, and a spice Thai one. They were all fantastic. I bought several boxes of the product and will have some for Thanksgiving and will experiment on preparing it in popular chicken dishes. More to come on this …