Why Do We Sleep?

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English: University of Rochester, NY, Meliora ...

English: University of Rochester, NY, Meliora statues outside of Rush Rhees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sleeping is so necessary for us. We fall asleep watching TV, in the park as well as in bed. If we don’t get enough we get cranky. Why is it so important. Scientists don’t know everything about sleep but at the University of Rochester, they have found one reason we sleep. It is to clear out the junk in our brains. This clean up is important for a fresh start each day.

We also know that lack of sleep can lead to health disorders, mood disorders and depression. Are you getting enough sleep?


We live in dangerous times

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Television (Photo credit: p4k9V.delta)

We think of our country as being freedom of speech but we are not. A new way of suppressing the truth has emerged. Drug companies own the radio and TV airways. They spend so much money on ads that they can say to the stations “don’t allow any anti drug or pro food health stories”. Americans are getting a one-sided story as a result. Most believe you get old you get sick you take drugs. Feed your body what it needs and just like your car  it will perform well.

The Day of The Zombies!


;Title: "fast food is the best!"

;Title: “fast food is the best!” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are a nation of zombies following every commercial on TV or radio. Why are there so many drug commercials? Don’t drug companies sell to doctors? They are selling to us so we accept that this drug will fix this problem even with the horrible side effects (zombies don’t care about side affects they are already dead). We then go and tell our doctors we want that drug. So we are selling the drug to our doctors. How about food? We live on the SAD diet. Standard American Diet and its bad for us. Eating all the junk that makes us sick then we need the drugs that make us sicker. Is anyone else bothered by this cycle? The worst part is that the drugs aren’t even working. If they were we wouldn’t be building more hospitals and medical centers. Take a look we are bulging at the seams, just like our waistlines.

Health care will totally collapse if this continues. The only way to stop it is take our own health into our own hands. Start eating correctly and improve your diet. Tell your doctors you want to get off the drugs as your health improves. Don’t be SAD with your diet be happy and energized by it. You owe it to yourself and your family.Being ill causes the another epigenetic change that will make us sicker … STRESS!

Look at the picture on my BLOG today. Do you really believe Fast Food is the Best? Don’t become a statistic by eating yourself into an early grave. LIVE


We are a Super Bowl Society


The San Francisco 49ers' Super Bowl XXIX troph...

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During the Super Bowl this year, I watched the commercials like everyone else. It is amazing that we used to wait for commercials to go to the bathroom and get another beer. Now we actually enjoy them as a form of entertainment. The commercial for Chevy trucks about the Mayan 2012 doomsday was great. The message was clear even a catastrophic event can be avoided with their product. We are a society that is sold every minute of the day. TV, billboards, radio, internet, etc. We are told that buying this product or that will improve our lives. It, of course, seldom does. If products could truly make us happy and healthy there wouldn’t be any rich people that were unhappy and sick. Buy wisely but believe in yourself not the snake oil!