Having Problems loosing Weight?

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Olive Oil

Olive Oil (Photo credit: desegura89)

America is getting fatter each year. It’s happening to younger and younger people. It is a very sad situation because this leads to more illness, chronic disease and unhappiness in life.  It can be avoided if we ate correctly! The four evils in America are Fat, Sugar, Wheat and Salt. We do need some fat for our brains to operate properly. Eat good fat like Olive Oil and avocados and fish. Avoid completely fried foods which use bad fats and are loaded with calories. Avoid sweets. This seems hard to do for someone who is addicted. After 3 or 4 days the sugar addiction goes away and you wont have as strong a craving. If you give in and some sweets, the cravings will continue on and on. Wheat turns to sugar in the body and can spike your blood sugar levels. Fruits are OK since the sugars are contained in fiber which release them slowly in our bodies. They do nor spike the blood sugar levels. Avoid cereals completely except oatmeal! Cereal has added sugar, salt and wheat. They will spike your blood sugar levels. Finally salt. Salt comes in supper high levels in processed foods. Don’t eat them! Soups can have as much as a half a day’s salt levels in one portion! Make your own from scratch and control how much salt you add. It is not the salt shaker that hurts (unless you use it excessively) but the processed foods that come with hidden salt that we can’t even taste. Remember you are in control of your health, not your doctor and certainly not your government. Decide today to take control back.


Is Your Taste Leading you to an Unhealthy Lifestyle?


Taste Buds

Taste Buds (Photo credit: Happysmurfday)

We all have favorite foods but most of us are lead by our tastes. People that like salt usually want things saltier and saltier as time goes on. Sugar is the same way. Fried foods is another. The list goes on and on. If you fight it and cut back on salt, sugar, fried, etc. your taste buds will readjust. It is amazing to me how good fruits and vegetables taste when we are eating a healthy vegan diet. Start to eat ynhealthy and these foods become undesirable. Retrain your body to like and enjoy healthy choices. It will reward you with a healthy life.

How Hard is it to Eat a Healthy Diet?


Lucky sugar

Lucky sugar (Photo credit: waɪ.tiː)

Diet means something different to everyone. Your idea of a healthy diet may be totally different from mine. TV commercials constantly tell us something is bad for us and then it’s good for us. Coffee is a good example of this. We have so many different interest groups and testing healthy eating is difficult to interpret. The sugar industry wants us to believe all sugars are the same. They are not! Some sugars (like cake and candy) rush into our bodies, overwhelm us and can lead to diabetes. Others sugars like in fruits are mixed with fiber which causes them to be introduced at a very slow rate. Are bodies are use to this type of sugar. We are marketed to eat only processed foods. Why, because there’s a lot of money to be made there. Processed foods loose natural ingredients and have bad elements added for taste or to preserve the food. The only real natural way to eat is the way Mr. & Mrs. Caveman ate. They ate no processed foods. They ate a lot of nuts, fruits and vegetables because they were relatively easy to find and didn’t fight back. Meat was occasional since we probably got eaten more than we ate other animals. How do you eat? Are you really eating healthy?

Sugar, Sugar, Ah Honey, Honey – it’s all the Same


Macro photograph of a pile of sugar (saccharose)

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Are all sugars the same? Lately there has been a rash of TV commercials saying all sugars are the same. This is not true! Fruit has sugar that is mixed in with fiber. The package counts! The sugar by itself may be the same but dressed up in its package changes everything. The proof is in the Glycemic Index values. Raw and fake sugars usually are a 100 on this index (the highest you can go). Fruits are much lower 30 to 50 on the index. This indicates that are bodies can assimilate this type of sugar slower and the impact is less likely to cause diseases like diabetes.