To Juice or not to Juice


Extracting wheatgrass juice with a manual juic...

Extracting wheatgrass juice with a manual juicing machine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Juicing is becoming more popular. Many people find it a way to eat vegetables they don’t like by adding sweet tasting fruits. It is better for you than eating fast foods or animal products. What we need to be aware of is it strips out natures fiber. Fruit has sugar, we have talked about this before but it packs the sugar in bundles of fiber. The fiber acts as time release capsules. The sugar is slowly released into our systems which is safer and healthier than an immediate sugar rush from candy bars or juices. Commercial juicing strips almost all fiber out. Home juicing leaves some but it’s not as much as eating a piece of raw fruit as nature intended it.

Juice if you must but eat some raw fruits and vegetables as well as some vegetables slightly cooked. DO NOT OVER COOKED YOUR VEGGIES!

Cinnamon Good or Bad?


cinnamon craze!

cinnamon craze! (Photo credit: bitzi ☂ ion-bogdan dumitrescu)

Cinnamon does lower your blood glucose so why may it be bad. Dr Geger says it contains a toxin called cumin that is bad for your liver. So watch your cinnamon on cereals. If you consume cinnamon ypou should watch this video. We eat a lot of cinnamon including not only in and on cereals but donuts, nuts, breads, cinnamon rolls, etc.

Having Problems loosing Weight?

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Olive Oil

Olive Oil (Photo credit: desegura89)

America is getting fatter each year. It’s happening to younger and younger people. It is a very sad situation because this leads to more illness, chronic disease and unhappiness in life.  It can be avoided if we ate correctly! The four evils in America are Fat, Sugar, Wheat and Salt. We do need some fat for our brains to operate properly. Eat good fat like Olive Oil and avocados and fish. Avoid completely fried foods which use bad fats and are loaded with calories. Avoid sweets. This seems hard to do for someone who is addicted. After 3 or 4 days the sugar addiction goes away and you wont have as strong a craving. If you give in and some sweets, the cravings will continue on and on. Wheat turns to sugar in the body and can spike your blood sugar levels. Fruits are OK since the sugars are contained in fiber which release them slowly in our bodies. They do nor spike the blood sugar levels. Avoid cereals completely except oatmeal! Cereal has added sugar, salt and wheat. They will spike your blood sugar levels. Finally salt. Salt comes in supper high levels in processed foods. Don’t eat them! Soups can have as much as a half a day’s salt levels in one portion! Make your own from scratch and control how much salt you add. It is not the salt shaker that hurts (unless you use it excessively) but the processed foods that come with hidden salt that we can’t even taste. Remember you are in control of your health, not your doctor and certainly not your government. Decide today to take control back.

Standard American Diet (SAD)

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English: Mizner Park, Boca Raton, Florida.

English: Mizner Park, Boca Raton, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Our normal diet is very SAD! We Americans eat too much salt, sugar and greasy fried foods. I was eating in a great Italian restaurant in Boca Raton, FL last night. The owner, chef was from Naples, Italy and had been chef at Grand Hotel in Rome, Italy. We got talking about Italy and how his food was very close to what you got in Italy at the non tourist restaurants. He said most people come into his restaurant and add salt to his food even before they taste it. It is a crutch! Salt & sugar can lead to serious illnesses and death. We buy prepared foods which are loaded with salt and sugars. We then salt them before eating them. Typically we have more than a daily allowance of salt in a single meal.


Try breaking away from prepared foods, canned foods and frozen foods as much as possible. Buy fresh produce and cook it your self. Add a little bit of salt for flavor. If you break the salt & sugar addition, you will enjoy the real taste of fresh food more and be healthier. Many people believe soup is so healthy and eat a lot of it. Canned or boxed soups are very high in salt. BEWARE! Make your own soup from scratch with little or no salt. Add a small amount as you serve it for flavor. The life you save might be your own or a loved one.



Is Your Taste Leading you to an Unhealthy Lifestyle?


Taste Buds

Taste Buds (Photo credit: Happysmurfday)

We all have favorite foods but most of us are lead by our tastes. People that like salt usually want things saltier and saltier as time goes on. Sugar is the same way. Fried foods is another. The list goes on and on. If you fight it and cut back on salt, sugar, fried, etc. your taste buds will readjust. It is amazing to me how good fruits and vegetables taste when we are eating a healthy vegan diet. Start to eat ynhealthy and these foods become undesirable. Retrain your body to like and enjoy healthy choices. It will reward you with a healthy life.

Dairy can give you Acne!

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Acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris (Photo credit: Adams999)

The physicians Committee for Responsible medicine (PCRM) ran an article on diary causing acne. This new study shows that dairy and sugar are linked to skin problems. So if you want clear skin, you may want to avoid these products in your foods. It was previously thought that oily foods caused it but there is little evidence to prove this. It was also believed that acne was a genetic condition. We now know that genetic really means epigenetic and can be caused by our environment (diet, stress, thinking, etc). A study of twins with identical genetics) showed one twin could get acne while the other did not. Epigenetics in twins is not the same since each twin lives there own life-style.

The Other White Powder Addition Drug – Sugar!

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English: Macro photograph of a pile of sugar (...

English: Macro photograph of a pile of sugar (saccharose) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We always knew eating sugary foods leads to obesity. Now more scientific evidence is available on how bad this really is. WebMD says yes eating more sugar in our diets leads to weight gain but the converse is also true; eating less sugar in our diets will lead to weight loss. I have spoken about how sugar acts as an epigenetic trigger. It causes several triggers in our bodies. One is it causes the brain to stop giving us hunger pangs. As sugar levels rise we typically have eaten our food. As sugar levels drop the brain causes us to feel pangs in our stomach telling us it’s time to eat. Sugar also acts to store excess food as fat. Lack of sugar causes excess foods to be expelled. Watch your sugars, they taste sweet but they are pure evil! Many people think fruits have sugar and should also be avoided. Fruit juices should be avoided but whole fruits are great for us. The fiber in fruit traps the sugars and releases them slowly in our bodies. This slow release is healthy. A fast dump of sugar (spike) cause all sorts of health related problems. Sweets will spike your sugars. Eat well.


Sugars can trigger Brain changes & Overeating!

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PET brain scans show chemical differences in t...

PET brain scans show chemical differences in the brain between addicts and non-addicts. The normal images in the bottom row come from non-addicts; the abnormal images in the top row come from patients with addiction disorders. These PET brain scans show that that addicts have fewer than average dopamine receptors in their brains, so that weaker dopamine signals are sent between cells. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Associated Press ran an article on a new study that looks at brain scans to determine why we are addicted to sugar and how it may be causing obesity. Our brains have an epigenetic trigger that rewards us for eating (pleasure). This trigger is not implemented when sugar is present. Thus we continue to eat causing weight gain.

Flesh & Fructose


Sugar sugar

Sugar sugar (Photo credit: dhammza)

Fructose is basically meat & sugar. This leads to higher blood pressure and higher risk of gout, diabetes and heart disease. Dr Greger talks about this in a new video. We went from 4 labs of added sugars per year to 100 lbs. Is there any doubt we are making ourselves sick?

The 100 Million Diabetic Problem in America!

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English: The blue circle is the global symbol ...

English: The blue circle is the global symbol for diabetes, introduced by the International Diabetes Federation with the aim of giving diabetes a common identity, supporting existing efforts to raise awareness of diabetes and placing the diabetes epidemic firmly in the public spotlight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Neal Bernard, clinical researcher and founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), spoke at TEDxFremont conference recently. This horrible disease puts us at risk of amputations, heart disease and blindness. What is worse, Neal says, is that we are exporting this disease overseas. The truth is diabetes has never gotten better! With all our medicines and medical procedures it continues to grow and claim more American lives. He says glucose is needed in each of our muscle cells but to get in, it needs a key! If the lock is blocked, the key won’t work. What is blocking these locks? It’s FAT! That is what diabetes is, the lack of the cell’s ability to get glucose because the locks governing it are blocked by fat. Dr Bernard speaks of one participant in a study he did that changed his diet from fatty foods to fruits, vegetables, carbs, etc but no meat or oils. Soon this person’s diabetes disappeared! His erectile dysfunction disappeared as well. Can it be that simple? YES YES YES Change your diet and live a healthy life. Watch this 18 minute video by Dr Bernard and understand how to defeat the killer we call diabetes! Another fact is Americans eat more than 1 million animals per hour! No wonder we have a diabetes epidemic. Diabetes is reversible, if you have it please watch these 18 minutes.

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