We live in dangerous times

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Television (Photo credit: p4k9V.delta)

We think of our country as being freedom of speech but we are not. A new way of suppressing the truth has emerged. Drug companies own the radio and TV airways. They spend so much money on ads that they can say to the stations “don’t allow any anti drug or pro food health stories”. Americans are getting a one-sided story as a result. Most believe you get old you get sick you take drugs. Feed your body what it needs and just like your car  it will perform well.


The Addiction is Winning

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Photo of Richard Pryor.

Photo of Richard Pryor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Smoking is so addictive. I remember a show I saw as a kid that showed a man who was dying of cancer from smoking. He had a wife and kids. They caught him in the garage sneaking a cigarette. Even when we know we are dying from it … we continue with the addiction.

Richard Pryor Was smoking in his death-bed. We try hard to solve this horrible addiction that kills so many people worldwide but the addiction is winning. Being on a death-bed and smoking also causes stress, another bad thing for our health.

Still Smoking – Really?


The No Smoking sign, designed by one of the me...

The No Smoking sign, designed by one of the members of AIGA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Smoking is the worst epigenetic reaction we can put our bodies through. It flips so many genes in the wrong way. We know it causes cancer for sure. Why do so many people still smoke? Why are young people starting this horrible habit? Today on the way to the gym, we saw a man in a minivan smoking two cigarettes in 5 minutes. Guess where we was driving to? That’s right a drug store. So ironic!

The environment we force our cells to live in determines there health. Smoking is an unnecessary risk that will kill most people who do it. Save yourself the pain of cancer and the early death, DON’T SMOKE EVER!

The Day of The Zombies!


;Title: "fast food is the best!"

;Title: “fast food is the best!” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are a nation of zombies following every commercial on TV or radio. Why are there so many drug commercials? Don’t drug companies sell to doctors? They are selling to us so we accept that this drug will fix this problem even with the horrible side effects (zombies don’t care about side affects they are already dead). We then go and tell our doctors we want that drug. So we are selling the drug to our doctors. How about food? We live on the SAD diet. Standard American Diet and its bad for us. Eating all the junk that makes us sick then we need the drugs that make us sicker. Is anyone else bothered by this cycle? The worst part is that the drugs aren’t even working. If they were we wouldn’t be building more hospitals and medical centers. Take a look we are bulging at the seams, just like our waistlines.

Health care will totally collapse if this continues. The only way to stop it is take our own health into our own hands. Start eating correctly and improve your diet. Tell your doctors you want to get off the drugs as your health improves. Don’t be SAD with your diet be happy and energized by it. You owe it to yourself and your family.Being ill causes the another epigenetic change that will make us sicker … STRESS!

Look at the picture on my BLOG today. Do you really believe Fast Food is the Best? Don’t become a statistic by eating yourself into an early grave. LIVE


Psychiatric Illnesses are Linked to Epigenetics


Various prescription and street drugs may caus...

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This video is a classroom presentation on new findings that link the environment through epigenetics to psychiatric illnesses. This type of illness accounts for the leading causes of disability in the world. Although how these mechanisms work is still a mystery, scientists now know they are epigenetic related. Stress is one of the major epigenetic triggers that have been linked to these illnesses. This video brings together pioneers in this emerging field of science. These leaders are looking to do a major population study on epigenetic triggers and their relationships to drug abuse and psychiatric disorders.