A Time to Rethink Our Lives

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A Marine of the United States Marine Corps run...

A Marine of the United States Marine Corps runs through a creek. Original caption: “Lance Cpl. Anthony M. Madonia emerges from the water during the swimming portion of the triathlon. Marines and Sailors of Marine Security Company and the Naval Support Facility in Thurmont, Md., participated in the Catoctin Mountain Triathlon, July 20.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have been talking about the epigenetic influences that affect our health:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Positive Thinking
  4. Belief
  5. Stress

We Americans seem to break all the rules. We eat junk (non nutritious food), smoke, don’t exercise, think negative, believe we will all get sick as we get older and live highly stressed lives.  I was recently in Italy and they think and live so different from us. They eat more nutritious than we do, they do smoke more than us, they exercise as part of the cities they live in (many hills and steps), they are positive thinkers, they believe they are healthy and happy, and they lower their stress by living fun lives.

We have to learn to eat mbetter, exercise better, think and believe better and lower our stress more. This will keep us younger, happier and in love with life.


Do You have Job Stress?

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Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress.

Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stress can be as deadly as diet to your health. Web MD says it is not a reaction to an event but how you interpret that event. So it is in your head and therefore can be changed. Life throws a lot of different experiences at us. How we see these experiences may differ drastically from how others see them. We may view an experience as fun while someone else feels stressed over it. Learn to control how you interpret life and lessen your stress.

I am so Stressed, I am Sick!


stressed and worried

stressed and worried (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all know stress is bad for us but how does it really work and why can it make us sick. Stress from our environment causes us to release a hormone called glucocorticoids that causes epigenetic changes in our body. When we think of caveman days, we see why this was important. It caused us to prepare for either a fight or flight situation. Our mood changed, our adrenalin increased and our bodies were preparing for a stressful event. In those days the event ended and if we survived it the stressful environment was gone. Our bodies lowered the stress hormone and everything returned to normal again. Today we get stress from work, relationships, our kids, etc. We can’t fight or run from it so the stressful environment stays around for years. This causes the stress hormone to keep being released. This can lead to mood disorders and illness. It is like brakes on your car. They are meant to stop you in an emergency. If you ride your brakes and use them too often, they can fail you when you need them most causing a disaster.

Optimal Health and Fitness


Nutrigenomics flow chart: research, Food, Gene...

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Articlesbase published an article on epigenetics and nutrigenomics called “What You Should Know about Nutrigenomics and How It Relates to Epigenetics and Wellness” stating that food has an impact on our genetic expression that can cause optimal health or degenerative diseases. They emphasize, as I do, the importance of diet, exercise and stress management. If you can control these three principles you have a high probability of a healthy life. They go on to say that building public awareness of the impact of food on our health is essential for our generations and future generations alike. This is the main goal of my BLOG.