Update on Milk and Casein

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Health (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

A reader commented on my BLOG yesterday (see comments) that soy and almond milks can contain casein. It is always best to read the labels and know the names of the things to watch out for. The label won’t say milk but it does say casein. If you have any other products that people think are vegan but are not, please let me know.

Milk could be “death in a bottle” and we mostly think of it as healthy and good for our kids. So many cancers are linked to it. Switch today and help save your family’s health!


The Addiction is Winning

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Photo of Richard Pryor.

Photo of Richard Pryor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Smoking is so addictive. I remember a show I saw as a kid that showed a man who was dying of cancer from smoking. He had a wife and kids. They caught him in the garage sneaking a cigarette. Even when we know we are dying from it … we continue with the addiction.

Richard Pryor Was smoking in his death-bed. We try hard to solve this horrible addiction that kills so many people worldwide but the addiction is winning. Being on a death-bed and smoking also causes stress, another bad thing for our health.

Still Smoking – Really?


The No Smoking sign, designed by one of the me...

The No Smoking sign, designed by one of the members of AIGA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Smoking is the worst epigenetic reaction we can put our bodies through. It flips so many genes in the wrong way. We know it causes cancer for sure. Why do so many people still smoke? Why are young people starting this horrible habit? Today on the way to the gym, we saw a man in a minivan smoking two cigarettes in 5 minutes. Guess where we was driving to? That’s right a drug store. So ironic!

The environment we force our cells to live in determines there health. Smoking is an unnecessary risk that will kill most people who do it. Save yourself the pain of cancer and the early death, DON’T SMOKE EVER!


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Death (Photo credit: tanakawho)

That is the question! Do we diet properly and eat healthy foods or do we allow disease into our lives and premature death? Humans are funny. Even when they know something can kill them, they continue to do it. Smoking is a good example. There is no doubt that smoking is dangerous to our health, yet so many people continue to do it. Is it because they feel it’s cool? It is NOT cool to get sick and die before your time. Diet affects all of us. A good healthy diet can prolong life and make it more enjoyable. A poor diet can make you sick, sad and miserable in life. We all have a choice. Make yours wisely!

Deadly Red meat


Logo of the Fox Broadcasting Company

Logo of the Fox Broadcasting Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FOX TV says eating red meat can seriously increase your risk of heart disease. It also increases risk of cancer and most other chronic illnesses. See the fist video on my BLOG’s VIDEO TAB on the CDC study and what it found out. Is white meat any better? Some studies say NO! It is 85% the fat of red meat. It contains the same cancer causing items as red meat. In light of the overwhelming studies on the health benefits of a vegetarian and vegan diet and the drastic increase in all illnesses in our country … I CHOOSE A VEGETARIAN DIET. What do you choose?

What’s Wrong with Milk? Isn’t it American to Drink it?

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A glass of milk Français : Un verre de lait

A glass of milk Français : Un verre de lait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Milk causes so many problems and diseases it is baffling that we still drink it. Vegan Mainstream says many Americans have an intolerance to it. Why are our bodies rejecting it? As mammals we were never designed to continue drinking milk throughout our lives. We are designed to drink mother’s milk NOT COWS MILK! We are also designed to drink it only until we can eat solid foods. Milk is linked to heart disease and cancer. Think hard about drinking that glass of milk and harder about giving it to your children. The life you save may be your own or your children’s.

Why do we do unhealthy things?

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Lung cancer

Lung cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is amazing how many people still smoke even though it is proven beyond a doubt that it causes lung cancer. A high percentage of smokers do die of lung cancer but it doesn’t seem to stop people. Maybe we feel invincible until it actually happens to us. At that time we always say “Why me?” I remember seeing a show when I was younger on smoking and cancer. It showed a man with a wife and kids. He had a lung removed and they caught him in the garage sneaking a cigarette. Addition is a terrible thing. It makes us do things we really don’t want to do. Smoking, over eating, sugar, salt they are all additions that can lead to disease and premature death.

How can we hope to show people who eating a stronger diet of vegetables will keep them healthy when they still smoke? We humans are an interesting species. We have a large brain and have used it to understand many of the mysteries of life and the universe around us but we still do unhealthy and stupid things to ourselves and our loved ones. We need to either wake up and live a healthier life or become seriously sick at younger and younger ages. Soon we won’t be able to build enough hospitals to house the sick.

What Does Your Gut say about Bowl Disease?

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Milk and cooky

Milk and cooky (Photo credit: Salim Virji)

Milk fat may be the culprit in bowl diseases. Inflammatory bowl disease is on the rise. Are these diseases being caused by milk? If you are a regular reader of this BLOG, you know my feelings about milk! Babies should drink mother’s milk not cow’s milk and no adult should drink any milk. It is an epigenetic soup designed to reprogram the DNA of a new-born. As an adult we don’t want our DNA to be reprogrammed. Search this BLOG for the word “Milk” to see other BLOGs on this topic.

New Evidence That Red Meat Raises Risk of Cancer

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English: A picture of 3 dairy products produce...

English: A picture of 3 dairy products produced by Dairy Belle, a subsidiary of Tiger Brands of South Africa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A study reported by PSA Rising, says that eating meat and milk products seems to cause a favorable rise in tumor growth. This can lead to cancer. If you are a big meat and milk and cheese eater, try reducing your intake drastically. Supplement your immune system by eating more fruits and vegetables. Give yourself a fighting chance.

Greed, Money & Healthcare


English: Gross appearance of the cut surface o...

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Remember when we started to advertise how bad smoking was for you? The end result took years but millions of Americans don’t smoke now. This saved millions of lives from cancer. Had we developed a drug to fight cancer it would not have been as affective. People would have smoked, got cancer, taken the drug, recovered, and smoked some more, got cancer again and so on. Our healthcare is a lot like this. We don’t really look at what is causing illness but what drugs can alleviate the symptoms. Nothing is cured it is slowed at best. Suffering still happens. We must fight to have sciences like epigenetics and nutrigenomics used to find the root causes of illness and educate Americans, just as we did with smoking, to change their lifestyle habits. We don’t need more instant partial fixes through drugs. Why can’t we cure anything anymore? The answer, unfortunately, is greed and money.

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