Is Vegan Pizza Worth It?


Pizza I made

Pizza I made (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pizza has always been cheesy but can you enjoy pizza without the real cheese? The answer is yes and there are two ways to do it:

  1. Use a vegan cheese on the pie. This works but doesn’t melt as well as real cheese and is different in consistency but it might work for you.
  2. My preference is a pie without cheese. You can order these at your local pizzeria. I get crispy crust and put my favorite veggies on it like mushrooms, onions and black olives. The taste is wonderful and I find I don’t miss the cheese.

Using a thin crispy crust cuts back on carbs as well. The cheese less pizzas are sometimes called Tomato Pies.

Is Organic Really Better for you and your Family?

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Organic Foods

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You better believe it is! My sister Kathy sent me an article on eating organics from the American Academy of Pediatrics. It says eating organic can reduce risk of many diseases. Starting children on organics early can prevent a buildup of toxins in their bodies and help them live a health life. The question really is do you believe food created naturally by God/nature is better for you than food created by man? If you do, why are you still buying so many cans, bottles, jars, boxes and frozen bags of food? People say to me they don’t like organic foods. I tell them just sprinkle some lawn fertilizer on it and you have what is sold in most supermarkets.


Up Selling Can be Unhealthy



upselling (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

I was at a Salad Works last night. I ordered a vegetarian chili small and a greek salad with half the normal dressing. The first up sell was to try and get me to up size the soup to a larger one for only 50 cents more. I told him it was not the money but the portion size. He looked at me as if I was from mars. Next he couldn’t understand why I only wanted half the dressing. First he tried to tell me it tasted better with all of the dressing, then he wanted to give me the other half in a cup just in case. I really object to being up sold and I object to the increasing portion sizes in restaurants. They don’t get it! One day lawyers will go after these companies because their up selling and portion sizes make people overweight and unhealthy. Don’t be fooled! order what you feel is right for you to eat. Don’t eat any more!

Is Hormonal Cocktail a Good One?


Cocktail Caipirihna a la Wikipedia

Cocktail Caipirihna a la Wikipedia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Wisdom of Life BLOG says that the act of actually smiling makes us feel happy. This simple act delivers a hormone cocktail that stimulates happiness. We have talked about this often. If you make your self a kind, happy, smiling person you will feel happier and associate more with other happy people. If you are sad depressed and unhappy you will feel unhappy and associate with other unhappy people. Who do you want to associate with?

Are Those Marshmallows as Bad for you as Meat?

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roasting a marshmallow

roasting a marshmallow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My friend David sent me a link to this article. It is very interesting and worth thinking about. We pretty much know meats are not good for you and barbecued is even worse but how about blackened marshmallows (SMORES)? Also what about the cleaning products you use on the grill? Do they build up and get into our systems? The Wall Street Journal food and drink says they may have an effect on your health. They recommend not over cooking on the grill and not grilling every day.

Be Like a Vegetarian and Live Longer

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The Bill Clinton SmoothieAbout.com wrote a series on how to increase your longevity. The number one way was to be like a vegetarian. This means:

a) Fewer bad fats
b) More antioxidants
c) Lower weight

All of these are typical of vegetarians that are not junk food vegetarians. You must cut back or eliminate all animal products, you must actually eat your vegetables and you must not eat just vegetarian junk food. You can eat French fries, potato chips and certain cookies and be vegetarian but you will gain weight, get none of the benefits of plant based foods like antioxidants and fiber.

Vegetables and Fruits make us Healthy

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Image representing Shine as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

The information on plant-based foods and how they are so beneficial to us is all around us. You can’t research diet and health much without running into plant-based foods and what they can do. Yahoo’s Shine ran an article called “Spring Clean Your Body: Top 10 Detox Foods” These 10 foods can detox your body and help you become healthy. Why not try it?