How’s Your Libido?

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Everyone wants great sex! It is a part of our inner most brain. Modern society with our poor diets and lack of exercise and stress can cause our sex drive to move into low gear. How do we get it back in high gear? Diet is important since cholesterol can block veins and cause a man to be impotent. Exercise keeps us in shape as well. The Therapy Book lists the top ways to keep your sex drive in high gear.

They list the top ten things we can eat to keep us on track sexually:

  • FIGS
  • EGGS

The only one I disagree with is eggs! They are high in cholesterol. Go to the link above to read what each of these does. Diet is not just about losing weight but being healthy and enjoying a great sex life. Happy eating!


Do Our Hormones Control Cheating on our Partner?

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Scientists have found a hormone that may control our trust in another. A test was done by having an attractive female pass by men that have inhaled this hormone. Single men got closer to her while men in a committed relationship stayed their distance. Hormones are epigenetic triggers that affect who we are and how we react to situations in life.

Do Vegan’s Enjoy better Sex?


English: "V" icon as as symbol for v...

English: “V” icon as as symbol for vegetarianism/veganism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The answer is yes!!! This article gives 5 reasons why. If you’re not interested in your health or animal suffering or the Earth’s problems, you might be interested in your sex life. This study shows a vegan diet can increase the libido, make us smell sweeter, slims our bodies making us more attractive, increases our energy and vitality and they attract similar types of people in a relationship. It’s your choice, choose wisely!

Body Apps

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Our bodies are like the new high-tech smart phones on the market today. They come with a set of apps preloaded. Our bodies come preloaded with approximately 20,000 to 25,000 apps (genes). Although sometimes an app can be changed and do wrong things like the smart phone apps, it doesn’t happen all that often. These apps function together to form a complex network of intelligence that built us from a single cell and maintains us throughout our life time. Smartphone apps do not work in a vacuum and neither do our body apps. smart phone apps depend on the phone’s physical position (vertical or horizontal), the GPS coordinates, the presence of a wireless LAN and the presence of a functioning cell tower. Our body apps work based on the presence of the nine missing amino acids we need to live, nutrients and signals from our cells in our body. Like a fine orchestra, if a group of cells are off the whole can sound bad. As cells try to deal with the environment they are thrust into, they communicate with each other via proteins and amino acids. Sometimes this causes other cells to react and so on down the line. Usually the reactions combined are for the good of the whole body but sometimes mistakes are made and we have disease and depression. These are just words we have to describe a condition of the body.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an owners manual of the various body apps? It might describe which foods to consume and which to avoid. It might describe what are acceptable levels of stress and what are not. It might describe how to be positive and not negative. How to be happy and not sad. How to maintain health and well-being. These apps are very complex and understanding them will take a long time. What we do know today is that we have choices that will maintain a healthy lifestyle if we want it. They include diet, exercise, stress maintenance and positive thought. Read everything you can on plant-based foods and their impact on the body apps, Stress and how to reduce it via yoga and meditation, positive thought and how to obtain it via faith and meditation.

We have a very powerful weapon it our arsenal called “Free Will” Use it or lose it!

Will Healthcare Break Our Way of Life?

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Dean Ornish’s book “The Spectrum” is a fabulous book. He divides foods into 5 groups with group 5 being the worst for us and group 1 being the best. He lets you decide which group you are currently in and then you can try to move to a lower group at the pace you decide. He even talks about if you have a group 5 meal then eat a group 2 or 3 the next day or mix group 1 items with group 5 items. The mixture seems to make the group 5 foods better for you. He shows you how to lose weight and avoid or reverse many modern diseases. His experience comes from 30 years of documented experiments.

Group 1 foods are mostly fresh vegetables, spices, fish oils, etc. Group 2 foods are olive oil, safflower oil, nuts, rice, salmon etc. Group 3 foods are other oils, salt many fishes, canned vegetables, etc. Group 4 foods are Chicken, turkey, shark, swordfish, etc. Group 5 foods are red meats, Full fat cheeses, cream, desserts, etc. This is not a diet but a way to live healthy and survive longer. He doesn’t give you an all or nothing attitude. If you are a red meat-eater (group 5), try eating more fresh vegetables (group 1) with it. We can all change the way we eat and benefit ourselves.

If we don’t start changing our health for the better, we will end up a totally broken society. Our healthcare costs are out of control. We will break Medicare and make most insurances only affordable to the rich. We can’t continue to build more and more hospitals and have people getting sicker not healthier. Government can’t fix this problem! Only we can.

Don’t ask “Why me?” Change while you can.

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Dr Ben Balzer, who wrote “the Paleolithic Diet”, says there are tribes of humans left on Earth that are the last 84 tribes of hunter gathers left. They are all slim, faster than us and suffer none of our modern chronic disease. Their diets are not much different from our ancestors. Diet is a critical factor in who we are. Feeding your car bad fuels or giving it dirty oils will lower its lifetime expectancy.  It will suffer from a vast variety of problems until it finally fails all together. Changing your oil filter but continuing to use bad oil does nothing. The new filter gets clogged quicker and fails. This is like getting a new heart or by-pass surgery but keeping the same old diet. The new heart gets clogged quicker and fails again.

The proof is out there! How different are you from our ancestors? Don’t ask “Why me, when you get sick?” You know why. Change while you can.

If I had a solution that did way with disease and chronic illnesses, aged you slower, raised your sexual ability and improved your mental outlook, would you be interested?

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As human’s we all have 99.9% the same DNA. It is in that very little difference that the CSI’s of the world make a DNA match. There is really very little difference between us. Moreover, our DNA hasn’t changed much in the last 50,000 years. What has changed then? Our epigenetics! Epigenetics is the system of which genes are turned ON/OFF and in which order. We can look at a musical instrument like a piano, and say all pianos are basically the same. They have the same keys and pedals. The same strings that vibrate and make music. Potentially they are all the same but each is played very differently depending on the person playing them. Our genes are similar. They are potentially the same but each of us is very different from the next person. Our genes are played very differently by our epigenetics. Epigenetics controls everything from what makes a blood cell unique from other cells in our body, to our hair and eye color and to what our bodies find nutritional in what we eat. Diseases are the manifestation of our body’s inability to deal with the rapid changes of modern life. Stress, diet, negative thinking, lack of exercise and physical environment have all changed since early man’s day but our genes have not changed by much. The good news is we can choose to live more like early man without giving up our modern environment. We can learn to eat better, meditate to lower stress, join life groups to feel better about ourselves and think more positive and live in locations that are environmentally better for us. This choice is ours to make. The payoff is better health, mental feeling and well-being.

Modern drugs do NOT deliver a promise of a cure. They may extend life slightly but at what terrible cost? Our quality of life is not improving. For most Americans it degrades rapidly with age. It doesn’t have to be that way! The consequence of not improving our way of life is higher rates of disease and chronic illnesses, aging faster, lower sexual ability and poorer mental outlook. Is this a way to live? The choice is yours, make it wisely!