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fried chicken

fried chicken (Photo credit: calamity_hane)

We are in a southern town and I know Southern Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork and Barbecue are important staples. I went into a restaurant and saw they has a vegetarian salad. OK vegetarian and salad together seems pretty safe, right? No it had bacon on it. Really! I said to the waitress this was suppose to be vegetarian. She says, it is it has vegetables on it. I really had no answer for that LOL. When I told her I don’t eat meat, she looked at me real funny and said WHY?

Diet is so ingrained into us from childhood that it’s hard to change it. The problem is the food industry has been changing things drastically for years now and not for the better. 80% of what is on your supermarket shelves weren’t around 100 years ago. Think about that. In a 100 very short years we are eating totally new stuff. It’s made up stuff that is processed. Is it any wonder so many people have weight problems and serious health issues? Do your self a favor and ask what you and your family are eating. list it one of two columns: Column 1 processed man-made stuff and Column 2 Nature made stuff. I bet column 1 wins hands down. If your column 2 is larger you probably have no weight or health issues.


Eat well …


How do you fare on healthy a food diet?

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What is healthy food these days? If you listen to commercials, it’s everyone’s product. We know that isn’t true don’t we? The solution is to STOP watching commercials! They are designed to lie or at least manipulate the truth to sell you a product. We should be eating mostly what God or nature made not what man makes for a profit. Here are some tips even for non vegetarians:

  1. Meat should be the smallest portion on your plate not more than once per day
  2. Substitute fish for meat. Tuna looks and tastes like a steak
  3. Substitute veggie burgers for hamburgers. There are a large variety of veggie burgers out there. Try them and choose one you really like. Load it up with tomato, onion, lettuce but avoid ketchup (it’s high in sugars)
  4. Try veggie hot dogs. Whole Foods has some great ones that you can’t tell from meat versions.
  5. Vegetables should be a large portion not with butter or salad dressing and slightly cooked so they are crunchy
  6. Fruits should be eaten often as a snack or breakfast
  7. Nuts and seeds are very good for you, mix up the types but avoid peanuts
  8. Avoid bread but if you do eat it then buy artesian type multi grain
  9. Avoid desserts at all costs eat fruit
  10. Don’t eat a lot of potatoes or corn
  11. Mix up your vegetables and fruits. Try new ones. Pick from a wide variety of colors.
  12. If you must eat dessert choose something not very sweet or make bananas in a blender with ice until it is ice cream consistency. It is sweet and delicious but it contains only fruit and water
  13. Don’t over eat! Eat 5 small (very small) meals instead of 3 larger ones
  14. Limit alcohol to one glass of wine a day


English: Veggie burger eating competition, Slo...

English: Veggie burger eating competition, Slovakia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Up Selling Can be Unhealthy



upselling (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

I was at a Salad Works last night. I ordered a vegetarian chili small and a greek salad with half the normal dressing. The first up sell was to try and get me to up size the soup to a larger one for only 50 cents more. I told him it was not the money but the portion size. He looked at me as if I was from mars. Next he couldn’t understand why I only wanted half the dressing. First he tried to tell me it tasted better with all of the dressing, then he wanted to give me the other half in a cup just in case. I really object to being up sold and I object to the increasing portion sizes in restaurants. They don’t get it! One day lawyers will go after these companies because their up selling and portion sizes make people overweight and unhealthy. Don’t be fooled! order what you feel is right for you to eat. Don’t eat any more!

It’s Hard to Eat in Restaurants Healthy!


English: Homemade vegetarian minestrone, chunk...

English: Homemade vegetarian minestrone, chunky/country style, containing the following ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, white onion, carrot, courgette, peas, extra fine green beans, savoy cabbage, conchiglie pasta, coarse ground black pepper, table salt, garlic purée, vegetable stock, water, tinned chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, Worcestershire sauce, parmigiana cheese. Garnished with grated parmigiana and a sprig of basil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We were at a restaurant last night that had portion size way out of control. And entre size was at least 3 times normal and maybe 4 times. Almost every item had meat in it. Under healthy options was salad with bacon. Come on bacon and healthy, isn’t that an oxymoron? There are some restaurants that try to keep portion sizes down. We typically order one entre and share it. Support restaurants that give you a choice of real healthy foods. Salads should be fresh with a variety of vegetables. Dressing should be on the side and choose balsamic alone or with a little EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). If you choose fish get it broiled or grilled not fried! Watch the soft drinks they are a killer (literally) in sugars. Even diet drinks can still lead to diabetes. It turns out that obesity has grown even though most people drink diet drinks. Drink a glass of wine or water.

Eating out Light and Healthy


Tonight's pasta extravaganza

Tonight’s pasta extravaganza (Photo credit: HeatherMG)


Last night we went to our favorite Italian Restaurant in Wilmington, DE called Mezzanotte. We sometimes share an entre or we have a few appetizers or something light. Last night we each had an arugula salad and a bowl of Pasta fagiolli. The fagiolli had only a little pasta in it and delicious beans. The dinner was light, healthy and very satisfying. You can eat out and eat healthy. Rule #1 watch portion size! Most restaurants serve double and sometimes triple portions. As Americans we have increased our typical portion and waist size exponentially. Eat healthy, eat smaller portions and stay healthy. Most of all enjoy the taste of your food.



Whole Foods – The Whole Deal


English: Whole Foods supermarket banner on the...

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We just had a Whole Foods Supermarket open near us. We used to have to drive 20 miles into Philadelphia to get to one. Yesterday was the grand opening and it was mobbed like most Whole Foods. As I walked through this brand new spic & span store I noticed more people at the organic fruit & vegetable area. There were also more people buying wild fish than farmed or meats. The prepared foods area had traditional foods but also a great variety of healthy foods. The salad bar area was huge and clean. The word on whole foods, nutrition and health is getting out!

Hidden Salt Everywhere Can be Hard to Find

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A pair of In-N-Out cheeseburgers.

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We all know that too much salt is bad for you. Most people who are taking in too much salt don’t get it from the shaker. It comes from hidden salts in foods that we don’t associate with salty flavors. Yahoo Health recently ran the top ten hidden sources of salt:
• Salad dressing, dips, ketchup, mustard, soy sauce
• Cheeses
• Canned soups, stews and vegetables
• Breakfast cereals
• Bagels and baked goods
• Cured, smoked and deli meats
• Anything labeled low salt. The law says it must be 25% lower than regular product. If the regular product is very high the low version is still high.
• Fast food and French fries
• Products labeled “Low Fat” or “Heart Healthy” uses salt to make the product taste good.
• Some desserts like puddings and cream pies