Food in Italy

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Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe

Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe (Photo credit: epSos.de)

I am back from my honeymoon to Italy. The country, people and food are great. We went to Capri, Sorrento and Positano. I couldn’t help but think about the food in Italy. The fruits and vegetables are so much fresher, aromatic and tasty than here. Strawberries are red inside and juicy. Vegetables have an aroma and great taste. Food is not overcooked but slightly crunchy texture. We need to think about our food supply. How we farm, how long food sits in warehouses and what we are loosing in flavor and aroma. Eating is far more than chewing food. Our taste is more aromatic than taste. Our senses use texture, smell, flavor and visual to make our food appealing. Buy as fresh as you can. Enjoy food the way nature intended it to be eaten.

We know how important food is to our health and well being but it also must be appealing to us. Eat well!

Standard American Diet (SAD)

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English: Mizner Park, Boca Raton, Florida.

English: Mizner Park, Boca Raton, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Our normal diet is very SAD! We Americans eat too much salt, sugar and greasy fried foods. I was eating in a great Italian restaurant in Boca Raton, FL last night. The owner, chef was from Naples, Italy and had been chef at Grand Hotel in Rome, Italy. We got talking about Italy and how his food was very close to what you got in Italy at the non tourist restaurants. He said most people come into his restaurant and add salt to his food even before they taste it. It is a crutch! Salt & sugar can lead to serious illnesses and death. We buy prepared foods which are loaded with salt and sugars. We then salt them before eating them. Typically we have more than a daily allowance of salt in a single meal.


Try breaking away from prepared foods, canned foods and frozen foods as much as possible. Buy fresh produce and cook it your self. Add a little bit of salt for flavor. If you break the salt & sugar addition, you will enjoy the real taste of fresh food more and be healthier. Many people believe soup is so healthy and eat a lot of it. Canned or boxed soups are very high in salt. BEWARE! Make your own soup from scratch with little or no salt. Add a small amount as you serve it for flavor. The life you save might be your own or a loved one.