Evil Part 3

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This is the third and last part of my BLOG on evil. An article, Interaction between epigenetics and genetics by Michael Ragland states “If people (perhaps mainly males), with the gene grow up in an environment in which their emotional needs are negated they more likely than other people tend towards antisocial behavior, but if these needs get fulfilled (if people with this gene grow up in a loving-enough environment) no such behavioral effects eventuate.” Nurturing our young seems to be so important to their well-being and maybe to ours if they are left un-nurtured. Certainly parents that don’t nurture their children are causing a serious travesty but maybe we are as well to allow these conditions to exist. Eventually they affect all of us. What do you think?

Evil Part 1

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This is the first of three parts on evil. Is evil epigenetic? Does what we eat, think and feel effect if we are evil or good? People have always said our thoughts can lead to evil actions. Watching pornography can lead to more and more desire and possibly to act out a fantasy. Why do we feel sickness of the mind is so much different from sickness of the body? If someone has a broken leg or arm and needs help we are there to help but if someone has a mental disorder we look the other way and try to ignore them. Years ago a mentally retarded child might be kept locked away in the basement. Parents were ashamed of the child. Does our environment affect our mental order? Can we be making some people retarded or evil because of their environment? What do you think?