Mountains of Salt Everywhere

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WebMD talks about Americans eating too much salt. It is NOT the salt shaker that gives us too much sodium (salt). It comes from other non-natural sources like processed foods. Most foods in boxes, cans, bags, etc contain salt and sugar. They usually have the natural fibers removed by the processing. Why do we eat these foods? We believe that cooking takes too long but that isn’t true. We can cook meals much quicker than running to a fast food restaurant. We can cook meals from fresh raw ingredients in about the same time as from a box, bag or can. If we eat some meals as raw foods, as we should, there is no cooking time. Our health is faltering because of the increased salt. Remember the big 3 no nos to good health: 1) Reduce salt intake, Reduce sugar intake and 3) reduce saturated fat intake (animal-based foods). Low fat, low sodium, low anything means the addition of something else like sugars. Eat what nature gave us, it has been at it a lot longer than man.



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If you read the China Study or The Spectrum you will see more proof on the bad effects of animal protein on our health. Let’s summarize this video: a) we are more like herbivores than carnivores. Our teeth, our stomach acids and the length of our colon are all set to digest mostly vegetables not meats. B) Meats are toxic to our long colons and can cause cancer. Animal protein contains too much fat and cholesterol for the makeup of our bodies. This causes heart problems. C) Vegetables contain properties that can prevent or cure many modern-day illnesses. I would strongly recommend seriously cutting back on animal protein (butter, milk, meat and eggs) and increase the amount of vegetables in your diet. Eat a variety of vegetables. Try new ones. Eat more raw foods (fruits, vegetables and nuts or seeds). If you are diagnosed with a chronic illness, get more serious and switch to a vegan diet. It has more power to save you than any surgery or radiation will. Be smart and prevent illnesses. The power is in your hands and ONLY your hands. Use it wisely.