Ravioli Marinara (Mangia Trattoria)

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Recently I spent more time at a hospital than I would like. My fiancée was in for appendicitis. Being a person into diet I couldn’t help but look over what they were offering her. She had a vegetarian menu (stamped clearly at the top). On it was ravioli with marinara sauce. Ravioli is made from cheese so it technically wasn’t vegetarian but we eat some cheese. There were 6 items on the menu 4 had meat or cheese in them. I wonder what the non vegetarian menu looked like. When the ravioli came it was penne with meat sauce. When I complained they said that is the ravioli. Penne versus ravioli was OK but meat sauce on a vegetarian dish. As I walked the halls I saw several people being treated for diabetes that had white bread sandwiches, cakes or cookies and muffins for breakfast. Give me a break they were killing these people! The strange thing is when you spoke to nurses or doctors they looked at you like you had two heads. They said “We have to feed them don’t we?” Over 90% of what was available was high in sugar, fat, salt or animal fat. This is from an institution that is supposed to be healing us? Beware of your hospital stays.